Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Namaste Monday


Five pax stood in the parking lot looking at each other wondering where all the regulars were and who was going to Q.  When asked who wants it, all pax but Lab Rat took one step back.  OK then, let’s do some experimenting!

Original plan came to a screeching halt when we went to do a lap around the school only to be met by a formidable fence.    We straightened back out and got some COP done in front of the school.  Nothing fancy here, but get the muscles warmed up and stretched out.

We then moseyed back to the playground and quickly found a good 4-man circuit, and used a runner as the pivot.  We got in some leg crunches from the monkey bars, pullups, dips, and elevated planks.  Two rounds of those was plenty of upper body for a minute.

Since there were 5 of us, I will name this next one “The 4 Pillars”.  Yoga is the one thing I wish I did more of.  I am extremely inflexible, so most of the yoga I do is just me rolling around doing my best, but I have always enjoyed the balance poses.  So, in trying to incorporate some of that, we set up 4 corners around the field, one pax at each corner holding poses.  The fifth pivot member would do 3 burpees then run to next corner and swap out. Polling the pax after this, it sounds like this movement is definitely a keeper if a couple tweaks were made.  Most notably, changing up the poses to more F3-ish friendly.  Examples thrown out were:  People’s chair (aka Helix squat), The Crane (wax on, wax off optional), and the summertime pool classic, The Jack Knife.  We actually did:  Tiny Dancer and Tree.

The workout was finished up with 3 rounds of Barry Sanders up the paved hill with 10 squats at top and 10 merkins at bottom.  With a few minutes left, we got the blood flowing thru the legs with parking lot tracers to the back and 5 minutes of Mary.

Thanks to Sabotage for taking us out this morning with a wonderful prayer of thanks.

Apology of the week goes out to ME, and is owed to me by Fireman Ed for completely ruining the air quality in one corner of the playground and then LEAVING.  The vapor trail did not follow and lingered for an impossible amount of time…so long I wondered if I did the deed myself….but dont remember eating pho recently.


Lab Rat apologizes…


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  1. Yeah, I figured Summertime Challenge and some vacation schedules had the numbers a little whack.

  2. In fact, the last time there were fewer attendees to Hoedown than this morning was Christmas morning. Everyone must have sensed a potential Lab Rat sighting.

  3. Shaun Garrett on

    Lab Rat: Sorry about the air pollution yesterday. The Yoga poses do that to me. Nice job Q’ing.

    Fireman Ed