Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Cargo Shorts and Dutch Colonials


Four PAX braved the muggy weather to put in some miles at River Run this morning – all four thinking they may be solo with the regulars (Gumbo and Rosie) on hiatus.

All four chose the 4 mile route – through Tarrington, across Robious, down Twin Team hill, around the school loop. Rosco, Sugar Sock, and YHC ran as a group and discussed the finer points of fashion and housing in the late 80’s and early 90’s – the consensus (by at least two) was to keep the cargo shorts and ditch the Colonials.

Great running with you all this morning – sorry to leave you solo LugNut. Way to hold down the fort for the SOJ regulars.

– 4th of July convergence at Tredegar 7:00 – no other workouts that day.
– Puppy Pile on 7/21 @ 7:05

~Why walk when you can Wheelbarrow?


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  1. Wheelbarrow on

    YHC is having technical difficulties – my company’s McAfee is blocking the edit post link so I had to create a draft and post from there – I couldn’t add Q and PAX or the AO location. Can someone from Corporate modify to add Rosco, Lugnut, Sugar Sock, and Wheelbarrow to the River Run AO?

  2. Nice route, wheelbarrow. I’m glad you grabbed Q and saved me from my plan of twin team repeats, assuming I was solo. Enjoyed the route, and the chatter with you and roscoe.
    Way to run this morning, guys…despite the fact that it was really hot and humid.

  3. Gents,

    That was a fun time, a whole lot better than running solo. I am still dashed that cargo shorts are considered “out.” Next thing you’re going to tell me is my old Falco records are worthless because Euro-pop is out too….sheesh! Georgian, Williamsburg colonials OK; not so much the Dutch…the gambrel roof is not aesthetically pleasing to this eye. A big thanks to both of you for not leaving the old guy in the dust; I’m not sure Wheelbarrow even needed to break a sweat to stay at my pace!

  4. Wheelbarrow on

    No way old man, I was sucking wind at the end!

    Also, since I wasn’t around until the latter half of the 80’s, I have adopted the no cargo shorts rule myself, but don’t judge others that still rock the look.