Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Good morning for a dip


5 fleet footed trail runners took off at 7 wondering where the other 3 F3RVA car owner’s would be on the trails.  Main PAX did:

  • Northbank to Pottersfield bridge, across to buttermilk, then down train tracks, hop in for a quick dip in James River before finishing up back across Nickel Bridge.

NMS – YHC rarely can make the Sunday trail runs with family Sunday schedules but since YHC is a bachelor the next several days the first thing that came to mind was hitting the trails this am.  We started with just Ollivander and YHC but Hardywood pulled in at 7 and off we went.  Phonics and Betsy Ross caught us as we were getting started and our 5 PAX was cruising.  Ollivander forgot his socks but pushed through it.

Nice conversation along the way with varying topics and all PAX were amazed how Rosie and Shakedown crushed the 50k in these warm temps.  Hardywood directed us down the river trails to his hidden spot where all 5 of us took a dip in the James for a few minutes.  Man that felt good.  Of the 4 dads in the main PAX 3 have 4 kids, or soon will.  Step it up Ollivander.  T-Claps for Prodigious Procreators!

Arriving back at the parking lot Saab and TYA were waiting for us having hit the trails early.  Circle K came in on the bike at 7:05 with his watching saying he did 21 or so miles.  Hardywood took us out.

Annoucements – TYA’s F3RVA Ultra is a go for 10/20. 3 mile loops, kryptonite, and fun.  What more could one want?  Also Hardywood’s Cap2Cap Bike&Run relay will happen, we just need to pick a date.



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  1. Sorry to miss it, but I needed a recovery day. I was exhausted having to retweet all of Sugar Sock’s updates!

  2. Ha! Could have done a better job of tagging F3RVA. I’m new at the Twitter thang.
    On one of the legs I briefly joined them on, Shakedown gave very clear and detailed instructions with regards to iPhone-tography, which I did a nice job of forgetting and/or ignoring.
    Man, They crushed it. Those guys were amazing out there.

  3. Way to step up and support those 2 Sugar Sock. Sounds like we’ll need more guys running that next year.