Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



16 came out this morning to tackle a semi-themed workout at the Creek.

Here is what went down–
IJR, DQ, arm circles, tempo merkins, plank jacks, alternating shoulder touches, flutter kicks, roll-ups, box cutters

Mosey to big field
10 minutes of burpees — PAX members pick a number of burpees between 6 and 12 and complete that many in one minute — any extra time left over is rest time before the next minute starts.  Repeato 10 times.

4 faces of Mount Rushmore
1st face — 10 Lincoln Leg lifts
2nd face — 10 LLL, 20 Roosevelt Roll Ups
3rd face — 10 LLL, 20 RRU, 30 Jefferson Jump Squats
4th face — 10 LLL, 20 RRU, 30 JJS, 40 Washington Werkins

Mosey to Lot for Bisontennial

One partner bear crawls to picnic tables and runs back while other partner does the following exercises —
200 Crabcakes
200 SSH
200 Mountain Climbers

Mosey to Flag for Numbers, Names, Announcements
Emoji took us out.

YHC will miss all you guys for the next month while he is gone on a family vacation whose original plans started a long time ago when the kids were young and watched a documentary on the redwoods.  It was at that point that the vision of this great cross country trip first started.  It is now much bigger than YHC could have even imagined at the very beginning.
People’s reactions when we tell them what we are doing range from “That sounds like an amazing vacation” to “You’re crazy!”  We have thought the same things going through this process.
Anyhow, the workout went pretty well — everyone loved the 10 minutes of Burpees just as much as YHC loved them the first time he experienced them at 45 MOM a few months back and the second time a short while ago at the Gridiron.
Kudos to Sugarsock for kicking butt on the four faces of Rushmore.  Those roll ups were tough after about 10.
Will post pics of YHC and family planking in front of Mt Rushmore for you all on Twitter.

See you soon



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  1. Excellent Q, Opus. I thought about picking a higher number per minute on the burpees, but quick, oxygen-deprived math told me to add a 0 to whatever number and then ask myself if I can do that many in 10 minutes, with correct form. So I settled on Lucky-7’s with some extra credit on the last round. Great idea, I think I’ll steal that one in a future Q.
    Enjoyed partnering up with you, Spike. You were a beast on those bear crawls!
    It was nice to put faces with the names of some more of the Mechanicsville PAX, and to see so many 2.0’s out. Great job all, way to work!

  2. It was my pleasure to lead you this morning! I had a whole bunch more planned… save it for the next time around!

  3. Awesome Q Opus! I wasn’t the same after the 10 minutes of burpees. and don’t remember much after that. What a great workout. have a fantastic road trip! Great to see all the 2.0s and 1.0s.