Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

McRib comes out of retirement to defend his title…Oh, and 192 Burpees


The allure of the HR Derby brought 23 willing participants to the ball field in the gloom this morning, including the man, the myth, the legend…Kevin (McRib) Bacon and 1 FNG.

The PAX signed in (for BB purposes and for the batting order (but more on that later)) and formed up on in right field for COP to get loose, including:

  • SSHs
  • DQs
  • Cotton Pickers
  • Helicopters
  • Imperial Walkers

Poles – Sprint from the foul pole to the left field foul pole, do 10 merkins, sprint back and plank up for instructions.

Instructions were simple – 3 swings – over the fence = HR; everything else = out.  Outs result in 3 Burpees for the entire PAX.  HRs – the hitter gets to choose the exercise x10 for the PAX.  If anyone goes Tori Hunter (or EF Hutton) and robs a HR, the robber gets to choose the exercise.  On deck man jumps rope while waiting…game on!

FNG-John led things off – 3 outs, 9 burpees…that combo would be repeated 20 out of the 23 times…OUCH!

Thankfully, Handshake, McRib and Upchuck spared the PAX from the 3 outs – 9 burpee combo.  Handshake hit 1 HR and called for 10 merkins…prompting vocal THANKS from DK (and others).  McRib and Upchuck each hit 2 HRs – McRib called for 20 mountain climbers.  Upchuck had pity and called for 20 LBCs.

Yep, 69 swings and 5 HRs…YIKES!  64 outs = 192 burpees – possibly a new records (?) for a 45-minute workout.

Playoff between McRib and Upchuck – 1 swing a piece go until 1 guy homers and other doesn’t.  Three rounds.  Upchuck led off round 2 with a deep blast, but McRib answered in kind and then when back to back, leading off the 3rd round with another blast that Upchuck couldn’t match.

McRib defends his 2017 Title and becomes the first back to back F3 HR Derby winner.

COT, COR, NOR and YHC took us out with great thanks for the ability to have this group of brothers and friends that is willing to show up at the baseball field at 0530 and pretend (most of us) that we can still play and to be able to share this morning with my 2.0 (Redbird) and have some fun.


  • HR Derby happened today…next one is 11 or 12 months away.  You will be warned.
  • July 4 Convergence at Tredegar


Thanks for indulging me again with the HR Derby.  It was a blast.  Lots of hard hit balls, but we need to work on our launch angles and exit velocity as a collective PAX.  Not McRib or Upchuck though – those guys came to play. McRib even cleared two fences and put on  on the real softball field.  Well done sir…see you next year when you try to go back-to-back-to-back.

Welcome Ovi (FNG-John).  You can blame Loose Goose for pumping you Pittsburgh roots and fandom for the name…I was trying to come up with a good Philly name but couldn’t.  Of course, on the drive home, I thought, “darn, should have called him Cheesesteak”… Oh well, Ovi is timely and painful for a Pitt fan.  Welcome brother.  Hope you come back out soon.

Highlight (or lowlight?) of the day had to be Upchuck’s throwing the bat over the dugout and 3 rows up into the stands….no worries, he regrouped and absolutely tattooed the next 2 pitches out onto the track.  Bravo sir.

I was contemplating taking points away from McRib who I think skipped Beast and Marv in the batting order and told Mulder he was on deck after him…or, maybe that was evil genius by McRib – force Beast and Marv to do about 100 more burpees before they get to hit and lower the chances of them hitting HRs…BRILLIANT.  I’ll lead-off next year!

Great fun guys.  Thanks again for coming out.  IT was a blast.

Until Saturday….No More Gumbo For You!


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  1. This was a blast! We definitely need to prep for next year. I had all kinds of warning track power. Need to reach Upchuck power status. Well done, Gumbo!

  2. Aaahhh! I was planning on coming and totally fartsacked. Looks like you guys had a good time, and I will have to try again next year.

  3. Great fun. Upchuck’s bat toss was awesome.

    Thanks for getting out of the Fart Sack, Ovi!

  4. The McRib is back! Great job putting this together Gumbo. The rest of us, great work on the burpees. We may need to plan a 2nd F at the batting cages next June to make a better showing.

  5. Great job today Gumbo. That was a ton of fun.

    I think if Upchuck held onto the bat on his first swing he would have had 3 dingers and ran away with the title.

    That said…the taste of victory is oh so sweet…especially at 0630.

    Til next time.


  6. “I was trying to come up with a good Philly name but couldn’t”

    Even I could conjur up McNabb…or are you trying to think hockey?

    Also, Cheez Whiz would be a solid name…sticking with the Philly reference. Or “Salad Fries”, because that’s the dumbest thing I have ever heard of and they do it in Pittsburgh.

    Awesome to see McRib back out! Kotters, brother!

  7. Also, my new found fav thing of F3 is naming FNG’s. Dont know if anybody has picked up on that….

  8. If I had not let go of the bat, it’s very possible I would have been launched into the stands myself. Wet gloves, eh?

    Well done, McRib. 190 burpees is no joke…plus 4 dingers. Two wins in a row…nicely done.

  9. Was about to leave the house would have slid in about 2nd inning as per my normal timely arrivals…when I can hear my 100+ lbs dog banging around in her crate…huh that’s weird she’s normally so quite….only to find that the Winners Bitch dropped about 10 lbs in her crate…ugh sorry to miss you guys 200 burpees sounds pretty good to me

  10. It’s always hilarious that everyone from PA thinks that Pittsburgh and Philly hate each other… but that’s only true when it comes to hockey

  11. Great fun, fellas. I almost had one but pushed it foul! Thanks Gumbo for a great time!