Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Infinity Wars


9 Pax arrived and YHC called the infinity loop.  Off we went with Opus catching us a little later.

Some did 4 loops, some dig 3 and some time around the lake, and others did 2 plus a cross campus excursion.

Shakedown took us out in observance of his race this weekend.


Though we had done this route one time before, the speedy Pax was a little unaware of the course.  YHC said that they would all stick together for the first lap, but none the less a trio took off.  Let’s just say they missed the turn and got some extra miles in.

Three Qs in 24 hours.  YHC is starting to feel like F3RVA’s Ryan Adams with prolific backblast publications across a diverse backdrop of AOs.  It’s been fun.

Speaking of fun.  There was a Keymaster sighting as we wrapped up the COT.  Keymaster was leading his local running group.  (But wait! F3 has a Tuesday run location in this very location.)  Not satisfied with making just one pass, they circled the lake a second time provoking Swirly to provide commentary on his ass kicking prowess.  That is reason #38 why it is better to be a part of this Pax then against it.


  • Paddling Thursday after work.  Looks like there are two or three of us going.  This will not be the only time we go this summer, so plenty of future opportunities.
  • July 4 convergence downtown – Kubota is on point

Time to Taper,



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  1. Wow! Three Q’s in 24 is strong ! Nice job! Very precise directions no matter what Saab says. There may be a power point presentation on directions at RAMM this Friday is Saab is present! Nice to meet and run with Pele this morning. Congrats to you and your M, Swirly. Go get em this weekend, Shakedown and Rosie. Come out Thursday evening even if you don’t have a yak. You can float around in a life vest!

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Liked that loop once I figured it out ! Great job guys..
    See ya;; in the gloom

  3. Keymaster sighting and TYA and I had a Pyro sighting as well. Good day for a run, I suppose. Any more details on the paddling?

    Good route Lockjaw, thanks for waiting for us to show us where the trail head was.

  4. Thanks LJ for introducing me to a path I have run past hundreds of times but never noticed. Yes I could have used a post-it-note or two for the first round…

    I look forward to Kubota’s next multi-media presentation.

    Pele was crushing it…when I caught up with him on Boatright he took off like a rabbit…(the competitive-gene has been clearly passed-along).