Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



A lucky-seven took over Daville this morning to challenge our bodies and even work-in a little community service. Here is what happened.


Variety mosey (regular, karaoke, bear crawl) to football field for COP.



SSH IC x 20

Merkins IC x 10

Flutterkicks (Mark Spitz style) IC x 20

Dirty dogs IC x 10

Ball dippers IC x 10



Mosey to playground for 11s.


Monkey bar 11s

Alternating leg lifts and pull-ups. Skip in between stations. Modifications, as needed, were knee raises and burpees.


Playground ball retrieval

Divide into two teams.

Hop over the fence and retrieve as many playground balls as possible until Q calls time.

Opposing team does as many burpees as the number of balls you collected. Team A collected 17, and Team B collected 33 (holy smoke!).


Variety mosey back to flag (regular, bear crawl, crab walk, backwards, side-shuffles and forward at various speeds); stop mid-way for some up-downs.


Minutes of Gumby (stretching)


Numberama, Namorama, COT/BOM

Spike took us out.



Mumblechatter seemed minimal this morning, and there was no chatter at all during the 11s; YHC chalks this up to extreme effort put out by all. By the end most were modifying except for Liono and Pitt Bull who are pull-up machines! Awesome effort by Pick Two to push through the last round.


YHC learned during a volunteer day at Cool Spring Elementary School that the kids are not allowed to retrieve kickballs that go over the fence. Thus, it is typically up to adult volunteers to retrieve them. What an opportunity for F3. Cannot believe the PAX grabbed up 50 balls in no time. Spike decided to experience some sympathy pain and joined YHC’s team finishing up burpees of shame.


Special thanks to Wedding Singer for making the trek out to Daville this morning. Summer tour is a great thing!


Also, kudos to Spit for taking a break from new-dad duties. Hope you get some sleep!




July 4th convergence at Tredegar, 0700.


July 6th – Pick Two and his M-to-be are leading the workout at the Creek. Should be a blast!


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  1. Wedding Singer on

    Great workout Helix! Huge AO there, I’m sure there’s plenty more to see. Thanks for the ball retrieval, I checked off the good samaritan box for the day early. Congrats to Spit and his new healthy boy.

  2. Great beatdown Helix! Having the “option” for Burpees instead of pull ups didn’t make things any easy.

    Great to see Wedding Singer up from SOJ and Pitbull/Liono back out!

  3. Sounds like we need to have a re-run of “Toga’s balls” workout! Dodgeball in the gloom!