Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Why is it Called Tomato Run?


5 runners and 1 rucker took on the dawn at Tomato Run this morning.

The runners started light, but Wheelbarrow joined up about a half mile in…hoping we were toting an oxygen bottle…we were not.  He eventually caught his breath and we settled in for a friendly paced bro code run.  Route doesn’t matter, but the banter was good.  Subjects covered included:

-Wheelbarrow is quickly becoming the go-to guy for brewing in F3 lately.  Sugar Sock has some experience in the brewing department as well.  Sounds like an F3 brew day is in the works.

-Vinny lives in a house that touches another house.  Several of us had bought houses at very inconvenient financial times.

-The Last Podcast on the Left could be the most awesome thing on the internet right now.  Not safe for kids!

-Vinny and Slurpee are planning a vacation soon together.  Hot tubs and long walks on the beach.  AstroGlide might come, too.  Docking station?!?  I don’t get it…

-You know you are raising your daughter at least a little right if she doesn’t get “that’s what she said” jokes.  However, I am sure I have damaged her in other ways that I will find out about when she starts therapy later in life.

-Tomato Run is thusly named due to the all around awesomeness that is a Hanover Tomato.  Also, “tomato” according to F3 is code for a female around an F3 workout…or that possibly joins in to an F3 workout.  I’ll put it in a sentence for you:  “No TYA, it is not ok to stare at the tomatoes the entire time while they work out”.


Apology of the Week goes to TYA, I hope I didn’t hurt your feeling.


Lab Rat apologizes…


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  1. Enjoyed the run with you guys this morning! The cooler weather was nice as well – I really enjoyed the PAX running together, it makes the time go by much quicker and you guys pulled me along a little faster than normal.

  2. We run hard too much, it’s good to slow it down and run as a group some. Bro Code runs are my jam.

  3. Hanover tomatoes are good but, believe it or not, New Jersey (read The Garden State) is also famous for tomatoes and my crazy cousin Chris (if he came to F3 I’d insist his nickname would be “uncle Thriller”) said of Hanover tomatoes one time “what, that’s just a pretty good tomato that looks all cracked and gnarly” LOL.

    Good run this morning boys – I too enjoy a conversational run.

  4. Great time, chatting like that really makes a run mentally easier. Good banter all around.
    Subjects missed in the BB include:
    -the 4th, 5th, and 6th Fs
    -what constitutes a Navy “buddy”
    -that I put no products in my hair
    -the mechanicsville housing market
    -dogs which may or may not join us.
    Thanks for the bro code run, Lab Rat.

  5. Y’all pretty much covered it. Thanks for pulling me along gents. 9:30 mile is quite good for ‘ole Vinny.

  6. DUDES! I’ve been on The Last Podcast on the Left for months. Who else is on it? I’m all over the place with it. Listening in no particular order. Just finished the Manson heavy hitter series this morning. Jonestown was epic.

  7. Just discovered it last week…did Nilson, Tupac and Biggie, finishing up Lenon. It’s gold!

  8. Yeah, I need to catch up on some of the recent stuff. I’ve been going through most of the old heavy hitters, Gacy, Dahmer, BTK, Gein, Bundy… Biggie and Tupac should be excellent. Chris Benoit was my first listen.