Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Daylight Savings in June?


YHC, or the 6:00 AM YHC, reporting the details of a Sunday morning run at Off The Books.

The thang:

Standard 6ish mile route through Grove, Midlo Mines, lake, up to Midlo and up to Charter School Rd, back to Urban Farmhouse.

YHC showed up at for the standard 6:00 AM run and left solo. Returned just before 7:00 to find Honeymoon and a few minutes later Shake (who may actually be the YHC for this post, or at least the 7:00 AM YHC). Amidst the heat and humidity it was nice running before the sun was fully up, the 7:00 AM run may not have been as fortunate.

Didn’t see it get posted so thought I’d take the honors.



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  1. Haha, Sorry to have confused the situation Singer – Glad I got to see you, if just briefly. Thanks for posting. Honeymoon was gonna do it and was going to tell us all about the unicorns we saw. Beautiful unicorns… It was a nice run and I will return, probably when the trails are muddy and definitely won’t be arbitrarily changing the time and confusing people next time.

    Good to run with you Honeymoon – thanks for the vita water donation to the race this weekend. Rosie and I (and my kids in the meantime) will be grateful for the electrolytes in the 98 degree heat.