Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Disc Golf with a water hazard (Burpee Lake).


45! Strong F3 dads and Kids convened for a little speed frisbee golf, and splashing fun.  Here’s how it went, more or less.

The Thang

Mosey around the parking lot to COP which was: 10x SSH, 10X woodchoppers, 10X Rockettes (arm circles IC with alternating leg kicks on the 4 count), 10x Merkins.

The next part of the workout was a bit of controlled chaos whereby each family took turns throwing a frisbee and chasing after it until you reached the next “hole.”  The goal was to get it into the hole fastest, not necessarily with the fewest throws, so it encourged sprinting to get to the frisbee.   5 burpees if anyone gets hit with a frisbee.

Hole #1.  Throw across the parking lot into a section of cones near the top of love hill.  Then a bit of quadraphilia–run forwards down into the bowl and backwards back up for ~2 min.

Hole #2.  Throw into the near traffic circle. SSH while we waited for the 6.

Hole #3.  Throw to the far end of the field, landing on the hill. Plank and SSH while we waited for the Pax.  Then dad’s bunny hopped up and down the hill while the kids ran the length of the field, then switch.

Hole #4.  Throw from the far end of the field to the far traffic circle.  Lunge while waiting for the 6.

Hole #5  Throw from the traffic circle to the playground.  Run around playground while we waited. Then, touch a tree (3 trees) with flutter kicks.

Hole #6 back to the first hole with the cones.

Then mosey to Burpee Lake for ascending Burpees 1x-5x, crossing through the lake with each pass.  Finish with 15x SSH in the “lake.

Mosey back to the Flag.  Numberama, Name-a-rama.  COT–YHC took us out.


I was expecting maybe 30 today, and was shocked to keep seeing dads and kids showing up.  45!!  My first thought was that that is a lot of potential people to hit with the frisbee, but surprisingly we were mostly unscathed.   It was a really fun chaos.  Special thanks to Tyson and Blue Collar for helping me map out the course this week.

Some highlights:

  1. we got to do Burpee Lake again!  We started this exercise a month ago at puppy-pile and I didn’t think that we would ever get a chance to do it again, but we did, and it was almost as fun as the first time.
  2. Don’t try to throw a frisbee over a patch of Kudzu.  I think the vines grow fast enough to snatch the frisbee out of the air!
  3. It was great to see kids from 4-14 participating together and having fun together.
  4. Dad’s encouraging their kids to keep going and kids rooting for their dads.
  5. So many FNG’s–the Nama-a-Rama took more than 10 minutes.
  6. Kids actually getting tired!

What a great way to spend the morning.  I’m so privileged to be a part of F3.





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  1. Excellent organization Sippy. Whole thing worked with huge pax. Also nice work with making fng naming.
    I see now where Vinnie gets his mouth, Shark bait can talk! Also great to see soany daughters out there, Wicked was worried it would be mostly boys.

  2. Great Q, Sippy Cup. Excellent job of handling a huge PAX.
    Hulk Hogan and I had a blast. We are both looking forward to the next one.

  3. Awesome Q, Sippy! It was great to finally share F3 with my 2.0 (Pikachu) this morning. Looking forward to getting him back out again for another Puppypile.

  4. Great job Sippy!! This was a ton of fun. Half Pipe has had a permanent smile all day. I can see an F3 Camp weekend in our future!!

  5. Sippy Cup, this was an amazing day. Just awesome. Clearly you put serious thought into the program. Shark Bait and I had a great time! I’m sorry if he wouldn’t stop talking. Next time make him do more burpees. 🙂 Can’t wait for the next one.

  6. Well done, Sippy Cup. Great idea for a family event.

    How lucky are we to have Tammy Faye Baker whose has some relation to a dude named Swaggart? I must be dreaming. Someone pinch me.

    Westminster confessed on the drive home that she likes F3. Says it’s hard. She’s not sure why that is fun. Shakedown, please EH her for the next Puppy Pile.

  7. That was a blast today! Moss was talking all about it at bedtime. He said, “I really liked it when we all counted and then we’d say ‘Hulk.’” It took me a minute to realize he meant “halt”

  8. Fantastic morning! That was a blast. Thanks and Tclaps to Sippy, Tyson and Blue Collar for a great idea and great execution. Great job. What a great sight seeing so many kids (of so many different ages) out running around with their dads, getting dirty and even running through Burpee Lake with huge smiles on their faces. Redbird and Snare LOVED it. Snare was detailing the whole workout to her friend in the car this morning on the way to basketball camp. Brought a huge smile to my face.

    Welcome to all the new FNGs.