Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Touchdown Beatdown


24 soon-to-be drenched PAX gathered in the gloom, speculating whether it would be their lucky (horseshoe) day – it was not to be. The Q arrived at the start, planted the SF, and led the pax to take off exactly on time, according to the only watch that counts.


Mosey to the corner of the AO at Westmoreland & Grove. Quick disclaimer.
Warmup COP: Invisible Jump Rope x20, Russian Soldiers x12, Russian Kickbacks x12, Merkins x10, DQ x10 (all in cadence)

Mosey to the field, line up along baseline. Plank-o-rama (thanks Circle K)

Touchdown Beatdown: A mock football field was marked off for the following 30 minute workout…
– Bear Crawl end zone to 10-yard line
– 10 Merkins
– 20 Lunges (single leg)
– 30 Carolina Dry Docks
– 40 Squats
– 50 LBC
– 40 Squats
– 30 Carolina Dry Docks
– 20 Lunges (single leg)
– 10 Merkins
– Bear Crawl 10 yard line to end zone
– Run back to the other end zone & repeato

Mosey back to the shovel flag
Quad Stretch, Hamstring Stretch, COT.

Gotta start by saying that Swirly killed it and earned the right to be the first to autograph the football. Way to kill it, Swirly, I know you lapped more than 3/4 of the PAX twice, though Circle K, Kubota, Shakedown and a couple of others weren’t too far behind.

As YHC is writing this backblast, Lab Rat is texting and STILL trying to rename FNG Goodman. The Q will take into consideration – a bottle of Blanton’s can be very influential.

After further thought given to how Toga would answer TYA’s question “what can you do with a minute and a half, Q?,” the correct answer is “if they don’t teach that in the nursing home, I can’t help you.”

Goodman – welcome to the F3RVA Pax! Glad to have you


Congrats to Spit and family on the birth of their new baby boy!

Puppy Pile Sat 7:05am @ Dogwood Dell

July 4 convergence at Tredegar

Gumbo is Q for the annual Home Run Derby next Tuesday at Robius Elementary (or Middle?) in lieu of the standard NoToll workout


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  1. Good work this morning, men. An honor and a pleasure to lead, thanks for allowing me to do so!

  2. Good workout this morning….I like the idea of “here are your directions, now do that for 30 minutes”

    Welcome FNG Saul Cyrus Barbera Hey Boo Boo!

  3. Man, that was a great workout. Great Q, Loose Goose.

    As a newly minted member of the UF peanut gallery (aka the bench), I enjoyed your various critiques of form while we brought up the rear of the PAX, Lab Rat.

  4. Flipper was right by my side the entire workout. He was killing it and touching his knee to the ground with every lunge. 90 degrees on every squat. Way to kick ass Flipdog.

    Good fun, Goose. Welcome Matlock!, I mean Welcome Saul!!, I mean whatever the Q says… lol

  5. Can’t wait to hear the story on “Goodman”. Welcome to the crew. That is for sure going to trip me up though – being that it is Rosie’s real last name and on more occasions than I can count, my last name was confused with his growing up.

    Looks like a smoker of a workout there Goose — a Horseshoe of a different variety…they all suck. Well done!

    And for next Tuesday – HR Derby is on the baseball fields behind Robious Elementary School. Be there!

  6. FOR THE RECORD: I was calling you out for even attempting to do SHOULDER presses with a bad SHOULDER! Not for poor form.

    Everybody else probably has a legit claim that I am an ass.

  7. Great Q, LG that was fun! That is with the exception of seeing Swirly blow by me, well I won’t admit how many times…

    Nice work guys!

  8. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Props to You and Bleeder for battling through that work out with the shoulder issues …

  9. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Gotta change Flippers name to (buck45) dude is looking LEAN – atta baby Flipdog!

  10. Yeah, been trying it out. Saab is unhappy about it, so I’ll probably switch it back.

    It’s from River Rat brewery out of Columbia, SC.

  11. Shakedown was also killing the form…I decided the only way to get better at lunges is to actual do them… I can barely sit down today… thanks for the company and pushing me Shakedown and Kubota. And of course I am always inspired by smart Men doing DUMB things (please see Bleeder and Kubota). Welcome to the new guy whatever your F3 name will be…. keep coming out and we will do a better job of welcoming you.