Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Noventa y dos


Overcoming a 92 degree temperature as of the start time, a PAX of three posted for The Punisher.  We gathered briefly in the LHES parking lot before moseying to the shady schoolyard for the startup COP.  We completed 25 x SSHs, 20 x each of Russian Soldiers, Don Quixotes, and Imperial Walkers, and 15 x Arm Circles (small then big, forward then reverse).

We moved to the edge of the yard and began a 4 Corners variant around the shaded field.  Mosey to the first corner for 15 x Carolina Dry Docks, to the second corner adding 20 x single count Curtsey Lunges, to the third corner adding 25 x Box Cutters, and to the fourth corner adding 30 x two count Mountain Climbers.  Heading back around the box again, we dropped the front exercise until finishing with one single set of Mountain Climbers.

We shifted to the nearby Bus Loop for a quick Curb Crawl with a Bear Crawl across the lane for Incline Merkins at each curb.  We completed 1 to 4 and back down again.

Mosey back around the school for a Triple Check alternating between Invisible Jump Ropes, LBCs, and a loop around the parking lot using YHC’s mountain bike.

Jog around the school to the outdoor classroom for 11s starting with 10 Decline Merkins and 1 two count Flutter Kick followed by one fewer of the former and one more of the latter until 1 and 10 are completed.  Finish with additional LBC variations and a couple of minutes of Chum Yoga.

COT and YHC took us out.

Good to see EF Hutton at The Punisher, taking full advantage of the F3 RVA summer discount card.


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  1. Thanks for the warm welcome Chum Bucket. As the Terminator would say I’ll Be Back.