Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

No Idea Who Has The Q


2 Davillians arrived at Atlee this morning to continue their June Challenge with some miles. Since the Q was a no show, YHC to the lead.

YHC headed out down to the trails and through Honey Meadows. Stopping a few times to get in some Merkins and WWII sit-ups for a total of 4 miles

MudFace stayed back a little while to see if No Idea would be a LIFO then heading out on his Ruck. He got in some overtime and covered 3.5 miles


YHC finally made it back out for a morning run in hopes to have some summer tourists present. Non took the call today so a solo run was put into place. Good to have Mudface back after his trip last week. YHC and Mudface did cross path at one point confirming No Idea’s fart sack got him today.

Next Week YHC has the Q as long as 2.0 #2 hasn’t arrived.  Vinny is planning to make a visit in hopes to see others on their summer tour come out as well.



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