Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Let’s get this done!


YHC, Upchuck, Hardywood spoke at Dogpile about meeting at Off The Books for a quick 3 mile run. EF Hutton was there and Labrat showed up!! The idea was a quick out and back route that allowed for 3 miles run! Being the only SOJ PAX member present, why not run the Mid-Lothian Mine Park.

0530…off we went!! Hardywood, Upchuck, and YHC to lead with EF Hutton and Labrat conversing in the rear. Through the mine trail we ran and into a subdivision. At 1.5 miles, Upchuck knew where he was, so audible called. Instead of out and back, we ran through a subdivision and back to Woolridge. L at Woolridge for approx .4 miles up to Charter Colony and back to Urban Farmhouse. 0630. DONE!!

Number-ama, Name-r-ama, Announcements (nothing new)!!

Upchuck took us out!!

NMS-EF Hutton was not following to Sunday Funday!! Quick work which was good because he was laying some heaters!!

Hardywood’s car does not do 50mph with a canoe and kayak on top!!

Happy Father’s Day to all PAX members!! More importantly, keep being awesome dad’s and husband’s!!!!!

Part 2 was awesome….impromptu 1/2 marathon!! way to go Shakedown, Rosie, Upchuck!! Upchuck thank you for pushing YHC at the end of part 2!!

ET ‘s awesome as usual except 0700 is way better for ordering!

Only those who post understand!!

Loud And Proud!!




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  1. Messed around and ended up with a half marathon. Only with my F3 brothers.

    Solid work Rosie and Shakedown. At one point Rosie said to me and Flatline, I’m going to run the VITA Trail to get some EC. YHC thought…we’re already on the extra mile to complete the half. What EC is there left? Well done, Rosie. Way
    to avoid trees, power lines, females, pooches, etc.

    Way to keep going, Vinny. Nicely done.

    Good time at ET’s.

    Hope you gentlemen had a great day.

  2. Enjoyed the brevity of our run. If I’d hit the trails I would have no doubt died with a slight hangover and whatever was happening in my digestive system. Good work to all who threw down some serious miles.

  3. Speaking of getting things done, I’m planning on Punisher this evening if anyone wants to check that one off with me.