Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

F3 RVA Field Day 2018


Thirty F3 Elementary School 4th graders showed up for F3 RVA Field Day 2018, and history was made.

This Year’s Theme: 80’s / 90’s TV Shows/ Music & Games

The bell rang. To much fun to be had. No warm-ups. Count off by 4s and mosey to the Carillon Field. Line up behind team captains Rosie, Handshake, Swirly and Hardywood. Let the games begin:

Relays – 3 points for 1st / 2 points for 2nd / 1 point for 3rd

     Wheelbarrow Derkins – Two PAX members at a time from each team wheelbarrow towards their team cone. Every fifth step, stop and perform a derkin. Repeat to the start/finish line. Switch-a-roo and repeat until each PAX member completes the exercise. Waiting PAX performed Jump Squats

     Sack Race – PAX competes in the age old sack race. Out to the cone, out and back. Waiting PAX performed American Hammers

     Tunnel of Love – PAX sets up in the tunnel of love (bridge tunnel) while each PAX member, one at a time, Army Crawls through the tunnel. Repeat until each PAX member of a team is across the starting line. (Set a distance that requires each PAX member to Army Crawl at least three times)

     Merkins – One at a time, PAX bear crawls to their cone. Performs maximum of 20 merkins. Crabwalks back to the starting line. Repeato until the team finishes a collective 260 merkins.  Waiting PAX performed invisible jump ropes

     Out and Back – All together, each PAX member performs 100 single count crab cakes. Run to cone at end of the field (75 or so yards away) then returns to starting line. Switch to 100 single count flutter kicks. Run to cone at the end of the field. Switch to 100 SSHs. Run to cone at end of field. PAX members were allowed to donate extra SSH’s to their teammates.

Tug-o-War – Semifinals x 2 / Consolation round x 1 / Championship round (worth 5 and 3 points)

Water Balloon Toss – PAX lined up across from each other and tossed on the whistle.

Round 1 – toss and do 10 merkins   Round 2 – toss and do 10 werkins    Round 3 – toss and do 10 knuckle    merkins    Round 4 – toss and do 10 diamond merkins    Round 5 – toss and do 10 wiper merkins. (Add rounds as necessary)

Mary: Superman

The PAX took us out


The inaugural F3 RVA Field Day went off without a hitch, I think. YHC and Kubota arrived on the scene at 5:05 and made two observations. First, we managed to bring all the supplies needed, not an easy feat. Second, Swirly was already holding down the fort. After field set-up, Kubota and YHC joined Swirly for a pre-battle strategy session. Slowly but surely the PAX arrived.

6:00 circle up and count off by 4s. Teams were pumped to leave school and find out about the mystery that awaited them. After skipping the disclaimer entirely, YHC set the table for the first relay. On the whistle we were off. The pace was fast and furious from the jump.. YHC heard Swirly lodging a merkin count protest at some point. Kubota may have called foul. Who knows. Competitive juices were flowing fully. Team Rosie won round one.

The sack race was an absolute show. Hardywood won’t be stopped. Nothing can contain him, not even a fancy hipster burlap coffee sack. YHC has no idea what was going on down the field, but according to Kubota, we had a spy. Watch out men, someone was hiding in the bushes taking notes. Loose Goose, what did you do? Round 2 also went to team Rosie. The fix was in.

Tunnel of love proved to be a test of will and very little grace. I don’t know about y’all, but YHC’s knees won’t be presentable for a week or two. No TYA shorts for me. Team Swirly said what fix, and took Round 3 going away.

The out and back relay proved to be another battle of will. At some point Gumbo became the jockey, and YHC became the horse. “Go! Vinny! Go! Vinny!” Thanks for riding me hard brother, I needed it. Again, team Rosie took the round.

Tug of War was the highlight of the day, other than perhaps the HUGGS, more on that in a minute. It was Team Hardywood’s time to shine. With Callahan leading the way, it was over before it started. Flashdance had to leave early to set the table for coffeteria, forcing team Handshake to operate down a man. They lobbied YHC and Kubota for an extra man to regain even strength. Nope. This ain’t 4th grade field day. This is F3 RVA Field Day. As Flashdance famously said about an hour later, “sounds like y’all need to suck it up.” And suck it up they did, digging deep, and fighting hard, Team Handshake showed real grit in the consolation round, and won down a man. Way to pull men. T-claps. With minimal effort however, Team Hardwoody took round 5. YHC isn’t even sure his feet were ever on the ground after the first pull. Also, Flatline fully recognized the strength of Team Hardywood and immediately dropped the rope and walked off the course. Your team may not have known that. Now they do. Love you brother, your shirt was fantastic!

Team Hardywood also posted nicely in this battle at water balloon-loo. With a former DI VMI athlete on our side, it was over before it started. Not sure who took 3rd, but Team HW took 1 and 2. Yeah Boooooy!

Back to the flag for Mary. YHC figured there was only one way to close out F3 RVA Field Day 2018. Super Man!

Since not everything can be about Old Milwaukee and some crab legs, YHC served HUGGS post-battle, to which Upchuck commented that the expiration date must be May 5, 1987. YHC sure hopes so.

Great shirts men. Way to bring out your inner child, even more than normal.

Welcome FNGs Baby Spice, Borat and Crayola. Love you.

Major T-claps to my captains, Hardywood, and Kubota for doing work. Kubota, you are a true team player. Can’t thank you enough.

Finally, congratulations to Team Rosie (ABBA, Fudd, Rosie, Spit, Sabotage, Shakedown and Flatline) on winning the Ghost Flag. Y’all figure out who gets it and let us know when we’ll see it next. It was a good flag. Mostly house broken. Nano region Richmond Proper set y’all up right. Take good care of it.

-Vinny, out!




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  1. Thanks for making my Dogpile VQ memorable men. I had a blast. Hope y’all did too.

  2. Well done, Vinny! I believe the inner-child came out in all of us this morning. What a great time. I would never have thought that I would see 30 middle aged men excited to come out and participate in an elementary school style field day until I joined F3RVA! Memories of my old elementary field days were definitely resurfacing. Great effort to all the athletes. The best thing about it is that no one really got too upset with the horrible referee?! Have a great Father’s Day all!

  3. Vinny – sorry to have missed this one. I do enjoy a good field day competition! Looks like fun.

    Happy Fathers Day fellas see ya soon!

  4. Vinny- this was awesome. It is clear you out in a monster effort. Very well done. Thanks to Kubota for keeping us inline. And a huge thanks to the great Flashdance. If the closing of your house mysteriously falls through and you have to stay in Richmond, I don’t know anything about why some one would report that your house was haunted by the ghost of some civil war pervert.

    Happy Fathers Day!!

  5. Awesome Q Vinny! This field day was a blast from beginning to end! Congrats to my fellow teammates Rosie, Shakedown, ABBA, Sabotage, Fudd, and Flatline on our win!

    Happy Father Day to all the F3 Dads in RVA

  6. Epic VQ for sure. Great job Vinny. That was an absolute blast! Great clip in the BB too…a CLASSIC! So much fun getting the competitive juices flowing today and have some team spirit and smack talk. Damn that was fun.
    Also, loved the idea for COT to pass it around the circle. We should do that more often. Lots of great things to be thankful for boys.

    Flashdance – thanks for the coffee and bagels and all the fellowship over the past couple years bro. Good luck with your upcoming closings and your move. Stay in touch and don’t be a stranger when you are in town.

    Welcome Crayola, Baby Spice and, of course, BORAT (best and fastest naming ever!). Also great job by Mulder’s 2.0!!

    Happy Father’s Day men!

  7. Great idea and nice work. Thoroughly enjoyed it. That might be the muddiest I have been at F3 in a long time. Well worth the extra Woolite.

    Welcome to the new guys. Hope to see you all back soon.

    Flashdance, thank you for the refreshments and 2 years of friendship. See you on the West Coast of Florida.

  8. Well done Vinny, excellent themed Q. Another one that I would love to see again. Great work by Team 1, it was fun to get our you against them going for a day.
    Thanks for the 2nd F refreshments Flashdance. Good luck with your closings and move.
    Happy Fathers Day

  9. We’ll definitely run this back. Need time to come up with new reindeer games. Congrats to your squad.

  10. Nice work men, I have had a blast getting to know the PAX the coffee and fellowship over the years have been such a blessing in my life!!!