Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

4 Early, 4 As Scheduled


YHC arrived this morning knowing that the number of bike riders would outnumber runners. 4 PAX members started early and YHC waited to see who wanted to run.  Marv, Sippy Cup, Upchuck, and YHC were the select 4 that wanted to run. 5 and 6 mile routes were all that was needed.

5 miles down and back…..Grove, L on Meadow, L on Monument, L on Commonwealth.

6 miler down and back…..Grove, L on Lombardy, L on Monument, L on Westmoreland and around the block back to Mary.

Riders arrived on time with 0500 and 0530 running PAX members.

Number-ama, Name-r-ama, Announcements: tomorrow Field Day, wear age appropriate attire from middle school. July 4 Convergance Tredgar. June 23, Puppy Pile, Sippy Cup has lead. Summer Challenge, see Phonics. And, Shakedown and 2.0 are shaving heads on Monday..Donation to St. Baldricks Society.

Flashdance took us out.

NMS- Upchuck, outstanding run this morning buddy and way to get it all out!! Now, I know my purpose for posting this am!! And YHC completely  UNDERSTANDS!!!!

Welcome Amber Alert……….quickiest naming in F3 RVA history, NO DOUBT!! TYA way to go!!

Flashdance, it has been a pleasure getting to you know you! God Bless  in your new abode and ventures!

Only those who post understand!! Way to start your weekend men!!

Loud and Proud.




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