Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Doing the Butt(e) Route


13 strong converged on the U of R lake to attack the “Butt(e) Route” or the “Up to the Butt(e) Route.”

4’s, 5’s and 6’s all exited campus via the River Road entrance and skirted through the shopping center parking lot and headed across the river.  Exit right at the end of the bridge and head up river.  All routes turn around at Butte Road.  4’s return as you came for a 4.3 mile run (yes, YHC miscalculated, but YHC feels good about it!)  5’s return across bridge and hop onto Westham Station and go down and take Old Bridge up to Highland to River Rd.  Left on the grass strip by River to a right on College down to the lake and come around the top side of the lake.  6’s come back across bridge, hop onto Westham Station and take it around to S. Ridge.  Up S. Ridge to River Rd.  Ease left until you get to Gaymont and take Gaymont up to University.  University down to the lake and come around the top side of the lake.

Numberama, Namearama, Announcements and YHC took us out.


Nice temperature for a stroll this morning!  YHC was hoping to get a sunrise in over the river, but the clouds dominated.  A few deer were hanging out in the field below the bridge.  YHC tried to EH a couple other runners that passed Slurpee and I on the bridge.  It ended up that one of them knew Splinter.  Splinter told YHC that guy ran the Boston Marathon in 3 hours, so YHC is not sure he wants that guy to post and show us up.  The 4 mile route ended up being 4.3, so “your welcome” to everyone who chose that route.  All came in under 45 minutes!  Swirly and Grunt did a cool 5 and Marv, Splinter and Sippy Cup crushed the 6 mile route which may have been a tenth or so over 6??  7.22 minute miles I heard??  Great job!  Great to see Vinny and Slurpee out to their first Spider Run!  Sugar Sock, Vinny and Wedding Singer checked this AO off on the challenge.


HDHH this Wednesday at 6pm at Hardywood West.  Come out and help us honor and send off Flashdance and Fudd to new lands!

Old School Field Day at Vinny’s Dogpile VQ this Saturday.  Wear a cheap t-shirt from your formative years.

Puppy Pile 6/23 at 7:05am.  Sippy Cup has the Q.

July 4th Convergence at Tredegar 7am.  YHC will start us off.  Only AO in town that day!!  Coffeteria/Breakfast immediately following.

Summer Challenge is in full force!  Who is going to catch Vinny, Shakedown or Sugar Sock??

Shakedown and Rosie are competing in an Ultimate on June 30th on and around the High Bridge Trail near Farmville.  Sugar Sock is helping with logistics.  If anyone else would like to help him(them), contact Sugar Sock.

RAMM Amateur Gears is this Friday.  Lockjaw has the Q for what could be a comedy fan’s dream come true!


Have a great Tuesday all!!


keep posting!!


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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Beautiful morning for a run – great job guys.
    See y’all in the gloom..

  2. Great morning for a run. Thanks to Bleeder and Sugar Sock for pushing me this morning. The uphill finish turned into a full on sprint (for us 4 milers)! Way to push.

    Great route Kubota!

  3. Great catching up today fellas, nice Q Kubota! That was awesome cruising across the bridge taking in the sights, especially in the cool temps! Nice to meet Grunt as well!

  4. Great route, Kubota. Loved the bridge crossing, bringing us south of the river for some home turf mileage.
    Nice running with you, Vinny and Bleeder. Way to push at the end and finish strong. That sprint was awesome!