Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

It’s a solid concrete container


2 second-timers, 1 summer tour participant, and 4 regulars tackled the dawn at Heartbreak Ridge this morning.


Mosey to front grassy area

Disclaimer. COP: Invisible jump rope x20, Russian Soldiers x15, Russian Kickbacks x15, IW x15 Freddie Mercury x15, CDD x15

Mosey to the bus loop on other side of the school

Curb crawls – bear crawl to other side, do 1 decline merkin. Bear crawl back, do 1 merkins. All the way up to 11.

Indian Run around the perimeter of the AO counter-clockwise all the way to the Jerkin Gym

With partners, do 3 sets of 10 Jerkins

Mosey to other side of track.

Triple check – dips on hill bleachers with feet also up on the next bleacher down, back plank, run to other end of parking lot & back

Mosey to the wall of the school

– 90 seconds of lunges
– 90 seconds of wall sits
– 90 seconds plank
– 40 donkey kicks
– 60 seconds of Lieutenant Dans

Mosey back to SF

Stretching COP: quads, hammys, butterfly, IT band/hip flexor


Announcement – Hump Day Happy Hour at Hardywood West Creek location tomorrow. See pre-blast, this is a send off for Flashdance and Fudd (though Fudd will not be there.

– Good to see our newbies back out, way to get back at it again, Le Tigre (not Tea Gray, as in Earl Grey Tea) and Ponch. Look forward to seeing you continue to post
– A generally quiet pax this morning… except for groans about the Curb Crawls, led by Attila. This “Bob Vila of Qs” takes that mostly (?) as a compliment. YHC is already sore from curb crawls, lunges, and wall sits in particular. Sore is good.
– A bit of a surprise to not see Vinny present and sporting his team’s colors. If he’d asked YHC to give up the Q it probably wouldn’t have happened. YHC is happy for Caps fans, though prefers to not participate in the celebration of a rival’s championship. Perhaps one of NoToll, DaVille, or Spider Run is calling next week.
– The title is a genius quote ascribed to the great Bob Vila


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  1. Well done this morning, everyone! Glad to see some non-regulars at the Ridge! Don’t forget the Lucky Horseshoe in 2 wks

  2. Next week, I’ll be bringing the frisbee out to you guys! By special request from Lockjaw….hope he shows.

    Bring a white shirt AND black shirt if you are posting. Also, bring a friend, this is a great intro workout, because fun.

    Awesome to see Le Tigre back out!

  3. Interesting… Vinny was signed up to Q next week at some point over the past week. The fields were too muddy for ultimate today, but I had my glow-in-the-dark disc ready to go and had to go with the above backup plan.

  4. Vinny was signed up to Q next week. That said, thank Lockjaw and LabRat for suggesting UF. I was planning a real pain party. Oh well. Vinny is on summer tour, but misses his guys at HBR. I’ll see y’all next week. Lockjaw, you better be there.

    LabRat, can we go red and white next week in return for me letting go of the Q? C-A-P-S, CAPS! CAPS! CAPS!

  5. Looking forward to more Frisbee next week at HBR. I’ve been working on stamping my F3 passport over the last few weeks, hence my absence.

    Glad to hear Ponch is already on post # 2.

  6. Vinny, thanks for flexing the q schedule to allow uf to continue on.

    Looking forward to next week.

    Labrat, let me know if you need help setting up.