Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Shorts and skins


7 two legged and one four legged beast posted for a Sunday morning run. Route was across to the buttermilk, forest hill loop and then back on access road.


Great day for a run in the RVA.  Vinny continues to push himself to new and higher heights every week. He found out this week that Forest Hill is a little more challenging than the normal buttermilk, northbankt loop.  But persevere he did…the guy is a beast.

Great to have Lab Rat back out there today after a little hiatus from the trail run.  Also good to have a college classmate of Offshore’s Lt. Zika out there.  He is a commander in the Health Services and works of the CDC.  Nice guy and a good runner.  Today was his first day out on the trails.  He did well.

We all stopped at the river on the way home and took a quick dip in the water.  The stop was about 1 mile from the finish.  The water did a good job of cooling the body down, and with the breeze coming back over the bridge, I was almost completely dry when we got back to the car.




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  1. Appreciate the kind words TYA. Truth is, you pull me along. Much appreciate you brother. You are the true beast. Great time today. I showed up tired and unmotivated. Without y’all it would’ve been a short, slow run for Vinny. As it were, it was another great experience and time well shared. Have a great week, men.

  2. I will have very good memories of a bunch of fellas jumping in the river like it was summer camp. Thanks for the good times and have a great week!

  3. Observations from the morning swim which was awesome…

    – For those who are hesitant to venture into deep murky waters out of concern of what lurks beneath, make certain you bring along Vinny. His steady reminder of the many predatory reptiles hiding-about will make your decision to go swimming an easy one. (Who knew copperheads like the water that much…)

    – One did not have to ask TYA if he enjoyed his swim…his bike shorts did little to disguise his apparent enjoyment of the water.

  4. Just lookin’ our for you, brother. Go watch Lonesome Dove, then let’s go for another river swim. 🙂

  5. Sorry I missed you guys out there, I could have used a jump in the water after an extended run on the trails.