Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Creek gets an R rating


COP all IC

SSH x 15

Merkin x 1

Helicopters x 10

Crabcakes x 1

Arm Circles x 10 small, 5 Big, Reverso

Mosey to the dew covered freshly mowed field

Belching (this is what it is named in the Exicon)

Pax lines up face down

Q says go

PAX sprints 10 strides and hits the deck

One merkin, one WWII situp

Low crawl forward or back to line the PAX back up

Repeat until they reach the end of the field

Mosey back to the parking lot

Four Corners Ascending

Run to each corner and perform 10 burpees

exercises added to the bottom of the burpee at each corner

1st – 1 Hand Release Merkin

2nd – 1 Hand Release Merkin, 2 WWII sit-ups

3rd – 1 Hand Release Merkin, 2 WWII sit-ups, 3 2 count Mountain Climbers

4th – 1 Hand Release Merkin, 2 WWII sit-ups, 3 2 count Mountain Climbers, 4 Alabama Prom Dates

Yard Sale asked if we could do them again and YHC hates to disappoint the PAX.

Four Corners Descending

APD replaced with LBC’s because some things can never be unseen

Work the corners back down to Hand Release Merkin Burpees

Mosey back to the flag

one Turkish get up each side and one Boat/Canoe to eat up time


Summer Challenge is going on

Puppy Pile 6/23 0705

July 4th Convergence



Chewy took us out


The Belching was just good, wet, messy fun that looked interesting while reading through the list of routines.

YHC watched a video of a lady beating the world record for burpees in 60 minutes (1,490) with form that would get you mercilessly mocked at any AO that YHC has been to. This lead to too much though about burpees and all the fun things that can be done with them. That gave YHC an opportunity to get his work in for the Swamp Rabbit challenge as well. Tea Party and The Carpenter tore this one up. Aperently YHC will have to step up his Qing game if he hopes to challenge those two in the future.

It was necessary to change out APD after watching the form and technique of Yard Sale, that along with the noises that he was making this morning was definitely NSFW. There is not enough brain bleach in the world for that image. YHC was just glad that he did not have to explain that to his kids on the way home.

Proud father moment, when Chewy went back to the second corner to check on Ewok who was having some trouble and then staying with him until he finished the last corner. YHC seeing his oldest 2.0 go back and make sure that his youngest 2.0 was ok was almost enough to give him a feeling. Coincidentally, at that same time some dust got in YHC’s eye and he had to blink a lot to get it out.

Thanks for letting me lead







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