Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Turning Point


Forgive the delayed post, apparently the G as caught on and now F3RVA is not allowed to post from the work computer so it had to wait.

5 PAX showed up for a morning of variety at SOT.  YHC showed p early for once and dropped off a few toys down by the track then returned to the top so I cold read the historical markers in the parking lot, fascinating!

Tuco had been sitting in the lot waiting, then Vinny, Tobit and Handshake rolled in and suddenly it was 70 and sunny at 5:30 so we moseyed to the lower lot for the warm up:

The first exercise was of course the SSH; the only proper way to start! IC X 41

Cherry pickers IC x 10

The Hillbilly “YeeHaw!” IC x 13 (extra Credit to Vinny for shouting yeehaw at the conclusion as well)

Moroccan Night club IC x 20

Mosey to track for 8 minute AMLAP run – Tobit of course led the way as he took off like he was shot out of a cannon.  The old dog sauntering around the track probably didn’t even see the flash as he went by.

Retrieve the logs I dropped off earlier and circuit on the track (x2):

one man runs to the top of stairs others do stations:

Overhead press



Skull Crushers

Sledgehammer shoulder raises

Short break for some Catch-me-if-you-can (YHC had to catch Tobit after 5 ‘murcans and I can attest tat he rns almost as fast backwards as forwards)

Return to another speed round on the circuit then mosey to the top lot for the final event: the tug-o-war using an old school rope.  2-on-2 with the odd man rotating in.  The lot was slick from rain so it was a little rough, those of us with newer sneakers had a distinct advantage.

COR – NOR – no announcements – discussion of the anniversary of the Battle of Midway June 4-6, 1942 I knew others would pluck the low hanging D-Day fruit but today we went back two years to a time when the US was out gunned and out classed in the Pacific, and in serious danger until US planes from the Enterprise, Hornet and Yorktown found the Japanese fleet and ended up sinking 4 aircraft carriers, forever blunting the IJN’s carrier threat.  All this was possible only with the sacrifice of the American torpedo bomber pilots flying outdated planes – 42 planes found the fleet, only 12 planes returned as 69 pilots and crew were slaughtered.  That sacrifice however blinded the Japanese to the US dive bombers that were high above and destroyed the pride of the Japanese fleet.  Tis was an illustration for What sacrifices will we make to reach the turning point with the sin in our lives?

Prayer requests YHC took us out.

NMS-  Great work this morning fellas, I appreciated the willing to do odd things attitudes from everybody and I hope to bring the rope out when it is dry.





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  1. Great work Rosco, sorry to miss the props and visitors but the legs needed a rest day. I heard good things about the tug-o-war from Vinny and Handshake.

  2. Great Q Rosco. You are a tug-o-war beast! The beatdown was real, but I really enjoyed the history lesson. Another great thing about F3.

  3. I have received quite an education over the last three years at F3. Thanks for the hard work Vinny. Rosie I surely understand, you gotta have a break sometime, the tug-o-war will have a repeat performance.