Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

PreBlast: F3RVA Field Day 2018


Field Day

At the June 16th DogPile for YHC’s DogPile VQ we are having a full blown field day – F3 Style. As part of the lead up, I’m asking each of you who plan to participate to wear a t-shirt that best represents your elementary school years. The t-shirt can either be from your school, for you life long RVA types, or can highlight the era. Scower local thrift stores or ebay for your wears. There is a loose $5 limit. Don’t go nuts on cost. You can also make your own t-shirts. For those of us who attended elementery school the 80’s, that’s definitely a thing. Other accessories are also welcome.

Ghost Flag

The Ghost Flag will be up for grabs at Field Day. This will be a competition format and teams will be selected on that day.

Let’s drum up some numbers and see if we can get 40+

In the mean time, here’s a little inspiration


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  1. I’m sure most others are thinking the same thing, but is this workout Rollerblade friendly?

  2. Yes. So are British Knights (which apparently still exist so maybe you can get your hands on some sweet inventory).