Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Yes, up Twin Team!


YHC arrived this morning to BWES with 2 PAX members already on scene and quickly, 3 more arrived. 6 SOJ men posted this morning to start the week off right and clear the mind, body, and soul with a 4 and 5 mile run. Group for 4 miles and 5 miles given the route and silently 0530 came!

Out of BWES and up Twin Team. (Yes, Twin Team has commanded respect within F3 and should not be ignored!) UP Twin Team and R on Ellesmere. Ellesmere to E. Brigstock. 4 milers take a R on E. Brigstock back to Twin Team. 5 milers, L on E. Brigstock to Mt. Hill. R on Mt. Hill for a loop back to E. Brigstock and a L, back to Twin Team.  Now, Rosie shot out of the start like a high caliber round=man with a purpose this am!! Wedding Singer and Roscoe partnered up for 4 mile and YHC, Gumbo, and Shakedown with 5 miles and Rosie crushing his own run!

Down Twin Team for a loop around JRHS and back to the flag.  According to Garmin and other smart devices, just shy of 4 and 5 miles. With a few minutes to spare, individual exercises and awaiting Rosie’s return….just shy of 6 according to Rosie’s smart device!

Number-ama, Name-r-ama, and Announcements–summer challenge, Puppy Pile June 23.

YHC took us out!

NMS===Shakedown and Rosie toughed out 15 miles yesterday and back in the saddle for a few more this am. Evidently, a 50K is in the there future!! Pound the pavement men!! Outstanding too!!!! Rosie respect this am and Shakedown you too!! Plus, you need more velgro!!

Shakedown, always prepared with chairs as we awaited Rosie’s return…..perfect!

Roscoe, always on the straight and narrow!

Wedding Singer…head up and keep moving on. We have all been there with little ones, work, and life!! But, enjoy those little moments because they go by fast!!

Gumbo, I never heard of a bird loving a car as much as your robin loves yours!! Crazy man!!

Great running with Gumbo and Shakedown! Thanks for pushing YHC this morning!!! Way to start off our week!! Spread the light when applicable.

Only those who post understand!

Loud AND Proud!!



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  1. * their * Velcro LOL (I guess I’m a bit of a grammar nazi or as they say these days “alt-write”)

    Good fun this morning Flatline – way to set the pace. I liked the route even though that hill is a smoker. Thanks for the kind words 🙂

    Always good to run with you and Gumbo

  2. Man, I’m thinking of moving just to avoid Twin Team….I knew it was coming this morning too. Not sure why I got out of bed. But, the feeling of cresting the top of that bad boy is great…once I regain my breath.

    Great running with Shakedown and Flatline and watching Rosie pull away like the old school bus used to pull away from 13-year old Gumbo if he was late to the bus stop. No Mercy!