Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

New Nano-AO: Zong Fit


16 strong came out to soak in the cooler temperatures at Hoedown. Here is what went down:

COP – SSH, Helicopters, Merkins, Scorpion Kicks, Flutterkicks, Don Qs. Mosey over to Tuckahoe Shopping Center. Partner up:

Wheelbarrow across lot, 10 Shoulder Presses. Switch partners going back. Repeato x3.

Cross street to Church lot for 4 Corners. Reps of 10, 15, 20, 25. First round: backwards run & merkins. 2nd round: karaoke & Heels2Heaven. 3rd round: High knees and Mtn Climbers.

Mosey to back of TES. Partner up again. Donkey Kicks & partner runs field & 5 Pull-ups. Repeato x4.  Then Elbow plank, 4 sets of 20 PLTs. 10 Burpees then back to flag. Finish up with Freddy Mercurys & American Hammers.

NMS – YHC had wanted to try out the Shopping center lot for a Q for some time just to change things up. All started well until several tomatoes pulled in for their workout at Zing Fit. we must have been quite a sight at 5:40. Fudd was disheartened for not a single tomato gave a ” Hi Roger” as they moved past us.

Saab was warned before the start his choice to go glove less might not be wise. We also used the other church lot for the first time. A lot easier to try things out in the light of June mornings. Also good to see Gucci back in the gloom, now a regular again.

Please pray for Ronnie and Kubota as they both are on IR for a while. The Hoedown Q is open next Monday with Kubota out.

YHC was glad he could Q on his 3 year Anniversary of his first post. Amazed at what great friends I’ve made and how you PAX have made me a better man.



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  1. Congratulations Honey Do on three years of beating-down unsuspecting PAX…Looking forward to many more.

    This is the last time I intentionally choose to work out sans gloves.

    Next time I propose Chicken Peckers against the window of Zong Fit…

  2. The Q on Monday…just to do chicken peckers, APDs, and DQs on the sidewalk.

    I can feel our Ms collectively rolling their eyeballs…

  3. Don’t let Offshore take the Q then next week. He loves those Upright APDs. On the plus side that will get the 5.0 called and then we can have some true sprints incorporated.

  4. Well, when the 5.0 shows up tomorrow at Heartbreak Ridge, why not have Offshore show off his moves and get an advisory ruling from the cops in advance?

  5. Congrats on 3 years, Honeydo! I’m trying to make it through one and not doing so well. Thanks for the prayers, guys. Got a shot of cortisone this afternoon and have to rest it for a while. Torn rotator cuff. Will have to heal itself. See y’all at Spider Run in the morning!

  6. Congrats on 3 years HD! Sorry to hear about the Shoulder Kubota!

    Traveled up to Boston yesterday for work, look forward to getting back in the mix soon!

  7. Happy 3rd Anniversary HoneyDo!

    I’m thinking Upright APDs with a side of shake weight.

  8. Congrats on 3 years Honey Do.

    When I first read the B.B. title I figured “Zong Fit” was another Tuckahoe derivation of DRMs or something. As it turns out, Kubota and I will be taking a break from F3 and attending Zong Fit for a few weeks…we will call it rest and recovery. 0540 tomorrow Kubota!