Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Canary in a Coalmine


2 new-ish F3’ers made their way to Midlo to explore the Coalmines with an early morning jaunt.  The Pax was a couple of guys from the Northsiders stamping their Passports.

Handshake and Vinny stepped off at 0730 hours looking from the no-so-Urban Farmhouse.  Made our way up Woolridge to Midlothian Mines park and around the lake while Handshake gave a history lesson of the Midlothian Coalmines and influence in early Virginia industry.  We made our way up through the American Family Fitness parking lot and there was Flashdance going in for a climate-controlled Yoga class, we chatted briefly and back to the grind.  Down Midlothian Turnpike to Coalfield and hung a left.  We continued down and across Woolridge to the back entrance of The Grove and through the neighboorhood back to Woolridge.  We took a left on Woolridge and finished back at the Urban Farmhouse.  5 miles completed in a not-so-record time.

It was a good time and we finished with breakfest and coffee at Urban Farmhouse.


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  1. Really enjoyed the Midlo tour this morning. I had no idea of the history imparted. Love that about F3. The 4th F stands for History and Knowledge.

    I’m happy and honored to pay it forward here. When I posted at Sunday Funday a few weeks ago, TYA was very generous in his compliments of my willingness to run the 7 miles after having not run any appreciable distance for quite some time. Today, Handshake announced he had not run any distance of measure in who knows how long. At the 3.5 mile marker Handshake started asking how far we’d gone, to which Vinny – each time – responded with a bit of a white lie. When we hit Urban Farmhouse, my man Handshake had laid down 5 miles. BOOM!!!!

    Great testament to his hard work and the brotherhood of F3. Pay it forward!

    Handshake, great time today brother!

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