Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Outback Aviators


15 redwoods descended upon the tropical rain forest known as Mary Munford.  The Garmin clicked 530 and off we went.


  • Arm Circles – small, big, forward, and reverse
  • Don Quixote – Stretch it out!
  • Box Cutters
  • Hill Billies
  • Copperhead Squats

Mosey to the west end of the soccer field and line up.  Perform 11s with merkins and American hammers as the exercises.

Elbow plank at the other side.

For the round trip, partner up for partner carry.  Stop half way and perform 5 dive bombers and swap roles to finish the field and perform 5 more dive bombers.

Oblique crunches – 20 on the left, 20 on the right.  Spooning optional.

PLTs – 25 per partner, 2 times through

Oblique crunches – 20 on the left, 20 on the right.

Elbow plank

Off to the back of the school for triple check.

  • Partner 1 – Karioke across the blacktop to the fence and perform three burpees and karioke back
  • Partner 2 – Elbow planks
  • Partner 3 – BTTW

Line up on the wall for Chicken Peckers ROF style – 8-4 count pecks

Mosey to the side of the blacktop to finish with Doras.  As partner 1 runs the length of the blacktop, partner 2 performs 100 WWII sit ups, 200 monkey humpers (best done under the cover of darkness, which we did not have), and 300 flutter kicks (2 count).

Back to the flag where YHC took us out.


Not too much mumble chatter this morning, but when we departed for the COP, YHC could hear a faint conversation between two Pax about bush and landing strips.  I believe it came up again briefly en route to COT.  Who knew we had Pax experienced in landing in the Australian outback!  We also now know what they think about when they mosey.

Keep Ronnie in your thoughts as he gets his back mended on Monday.  With a speedy recovery, we could see him mid-summer amidst the Pax once more.  After the Pax expressed concern for Ronnie’s well being, they began speculating about how he injured his back.  For many of the Pax, the last Ronnie sighting was at Hoedown during CSAUP.  He administered the fun zone complete with bow tie while referring to himself in the third person.  Is there a correlation between that event and this injury?  Maybe only Pucker knows as fun zone co-chair…

TYA, Swirly, and Circle K are going to embark on their ultra adventure this weekend.  Keep that team in your minds as they travel forward to conquer their challenge.


  • Amateur RAMM gears biking day – June 15 – Don’t let this stop on the summer tour pass you by.
  • Puppy Pile – June 23 – See Sippy for details, otherwise meet at Dogpile at 7.
  • July 4 convergence – Kubota sent a pre-blast out on that.
  • With river levels bound to drop at some point, YHC is going to start hitting the river Thursday evenings (and possibly on the weekend as well).  If other Pax are interested in flatwater kayaking/canoeing, let Lockjaw know and we can do something off the books.  We can come up with extra boats if someone has interest, but no boat.  No banjos required.

Time to Taper,



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  1. Ok, now I understand the title. One must read the entire backblast to understand. Good Q, LJ! That was one of the tougher Triple Checks I have done. Take care of that knee, Saab! Good luck to TYA, Swirly and Circle K!

  2. Unfortunately, I triggered the “finding a bush” conversation. About half way to Mary, I developed a sudden gut pain that I tried to ignore. As I pulled into the parking lot, it intensified and as I walked up to the PAX and I knew I was in imminent danger! As the PAX began to Mosey, I commented I’m not going to make it and needed to peel off to find a place of comfort. The one closest to me said “what number is it”? “There’s a bush over there”! No bush could have provided enough comfort for what was about to take place. I jumped in the truck and rushed home, taking a quick look at the Starbucks as I went by to see if the lights were on…nope!

  3. I knew I saw you in the parking lot before the workout but wondered what happened to you during. The dilemmas we face sometimes….
    Hope you made it home ok…

  4. Also, moseying is a great time for reflection, whether it’s for the good, the bad, or the ugly!

  5. We’ve all been their Flange…some of us are able to find cover behind certain neighborhood entrance walls that might rhyme with Rounder’s Fridge…allegedly… Others, hold a Helix squat in an unsuspecting neighbor’s front yard with a blinking blue TRON on. Potato – PotAto, you know…hope you found comfort swiftly.

    Nice Q Lockjaw.

    Speedy recovery Ronnie!

    Kick Ass TYA, Swirly and CK…

  6. I probably shouldn’t laugh, but sorry I can’t help it.

    I believe Mary has a garden with inexplicably large carrots. Saab might know something about it.

  7. Big Tennessee on

    And I thought i had just imagined a Flange sighting. That is a miserable feeling for sure, but there are definitely PAX members that seem to have perfected a resolution. On another note, one of the funniest things I heard: “Someone must have told Lockjaw his obliques looked weak. “