Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Wonder if Walt is still there?


YHC arrived to new SOT location, first on scene and planted the flag. YHC had never read the historical markers in front of MMS, but learned something new today. 10 PAX regulars-8 SOJ and 2 Tuckahoe-posted for a wild and wonderful Q, hosted by none other than your YHC!! 0530….time to mosey.

COP….x 10 Don Quixote’s, x 10 Russian Soldiers, x 10 Copperhead Squats, x 15 Flutter Kicks, x 15 Freddie Mercuries, x 15 Box Cutters, x 20 SSH. Mosey to the the track.

Merkin Mile- 4 laps around the track. After each lap, x 12 Merkins. 1 mile and 48 merkins complete. BING!! Mosey to soccer field and partner up.

Partner 1 runs the length of the field, while Partner 2 lunges the length of the field. When partner 1 and 2 meet up, x 20 LBC’s each. Switch and repeat for the entire length of the field. Now, PAX went down the field, we must return. YHC asked Tobit his favorite exercise……………………………..wait for it…………………………………Rosalita’s!! Same routine back down the field but instead of LBC’s when partners meet, Rosalita’s. BANG!! Splinter, great comment and something to the effect of, “This is not the first time Rosalita’s have been done on this field!!” TRUE DAT!! MMS was Midlo High way back in the day and became MMS in 1986! Those fields have some history. Add F3 dudes! Let’s mosey….

YHC saw a nice set of stairs at far end of soccer field during the Merkin Mile so why not. Triple Check……1 partner performs dips, partner 2 performs step ups, partner 3 runs the stairs. BOOM!! YHC was odd man out..thanks EF Hutton, Gumbo, and Wedding Singer for letting me tag along!

With approx. 9 minutes left, partner up. PLT’s baby! Each partner performs 100 PLT’s!! BAM!! Times up! Mosey up a few more stairs and back to the flag!!

Number-ama, Name-r-ama, Announcements: Puppy Pile, June 23. Summer Challenge, see Phonics.

Flashdance took us out!!

NMS: YHC surprised to see the cars arrive in force this am. 10 strong at SOT is great. Super call Rosie and Gumbo on moving the AO!!!

Than to see Splinter……….back in Midlo. All roads lead back to 23113!!! Than Splinter had to say, “Wonder if Walt is still there?” As soon as Splinter said that, a much needed smile came to YHC face!! Walt sold cigarettes to any Midlo High student from 1992 to 1998, including YCH class, Gumbo, Rosie and Splinter’s class, and YHC’s sister class. Freakin Hilarious Splinter!! YHC asked the PAX what happens to student who smoke in school, cigarettes that is, than vaping came into question!!

Rosalita’s have been done MANY times on that field, for sure, Splinter!! Tobit, YHC was surprised this was your favorite workout!! Nnnnniiiiiccccceeee…………….

Definitely warm and thick this morning. Back to towels, and change of clothes after workout boys!!

O yea, Flashdance’s super powers, arm circles, Flerkins, and Partner Carries. Thanks for the prayer brother!

Thank you for following men. Have an awesome day and only those who post understand!!

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  1. Had my own version of Walt growing up in the Northern Neck. Old lady named Ms. Jordan.
    Ms. J – You old enough to buy this beer?
    16yo EF – Oh yes
    Ms. J – Alrighty then, need any cigarettes today?

  2. We clover hill boys would run out stoplight-less 90’s US360 W past farmlands and woods that are now fancy neighborhoods to the the “hop in” nearly in Amelia. One of the guys could grow a full beard in about 8 hours by age 16. They didn’t even card him. That said, we did like your midlo high women. Thanks for sharing.

    Oh, and great Q flatline! I was thoroughly smoked. Love the new AO. I never posted at the old one, but I did go to school there and ran track and cross country. Very familiar with it, just a little too far for my taste.

  3. Great work Flatline. Talk about Cliffhanger…lead in with what great history you learned on the markers, but NO PAYOFF??? Damn, now I have to post next week for Rosco’s Q (Yep, I signed you up as requested!) and read them myself..

    The fieldwork and stairs did not disappoint. Great to have double-digits for the second straight week at SOT. Thanks to Splinter and EF Hutton for wading across the James.

  4. Awesome Q Flatline. There were all sorts of midlo memories floating through my head this morning. I’m just glad that you knew Walt. What a great guy. Any time a guy needed a pack of lights and a six pack of ice beer, he was there. When I was 16 I wanted to be Walt, a local hero.

    When I arrived there was a separate BOM with all the bus drivers strategizing this morning. Almost walked up to the wrong bunch of dudes. EH opportunities!

  5. Great Q Flatline! …Thanks for the merkin mile…it never disappoints!

    And yeah, I’m always up for some Rosalitas….those never disappoint either.

  6. Another Flatline Q, another version of a mile. Love the variety. Apparently sleeves have been slowing Tobit down because he took off and never looked back on the merkin mile.
    I was hoping for some insight on the historical markers too but Flatline has left it to each of us to learn the history of Midlothian on our own. Rosco may even have time to read up on it with his new shorter ride to SOT.

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