Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Three cardinal sins – on day one?


Six strong posted for a Sunday Morning jaunt on the trails.  The route was north bank to buttermilk  and back.


Sticky morning today, was drenched with sweat five minutes into the run.  YHC opted for the bike shorts and no shirt to start out.  I know that it is not a good look, and I would much rather cover up my 55 year old body…but, the weather dictates the outfit.  The rest of the PAX started with shirts on, but finished the day shirtless.

Saab’s M has been hitting the trails for the past several months.  He finally convinced her to give it a go with us.  After throwing up upon seeing my outfit, she did well.   She has run the full monty of the trail several times now and is improving every time.  She got the name tourist as she spends a good amount of her time noticing everything along the way.

Tourist broke three cardinal rules today.  YHC didn’t call her out on it as it was her first time, but can’t resist here.  First, she took a short cut.  We never, ever take short cuts.  Walking is fine, declaring a different route at the beginning is fine, taking shortcuts is never fine.  Second, she didn’t declare her shortcut, so the PAX was temporarily unaware of where she was.  Saab did a long back run until he realized what she had done.  Always tell someone if you are going to divert to a different path.  We leave no-one behind, but finding you is difficult if we don’t know where you are.  The third rule is while you are on the trail, you are to take in the ambience of the trail, see the scenery, and let go of the outside world.  About 2 miles from the finish she got a text and actually stopped and answered the text.  A reminder to everyone here, she is Saab’s spouse.  WHAT THE HECK, he gives me crap for listening to my iPhone on a 100 miler to distract myself.  A 7 mile run and your answering text’s?

Ok, having said all that it was a pleasure to have her out there with us today.  The trail run is open to any and all comers or any skill or ability.  Come one, come all….it is a blast (and we will teach you the rules along the way).




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  1. The F3 Marketing Department has requested a meeting with TYA. I’m reminded of the multiple sackings of various Swedish marketers at the beginning of Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail.

    “Thanks for joining us. WTF is YOUR problem? Run the way we tell you.”