Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Yes I can count past 10!!


YHC arrived to 45MOM with Big Blue posted and 2nd to arrive with TYA following close behind…..and the PAX quickly swarmed the parking lot! 23 F3 Soldiers posted-22 RVA and 1 ATL…for what can always be an amusing yet thrilling Q by YHC. 0530…time to mosey.

COP at the basketball courts….x10 Russian Soldiers, x 10 Don Quixote’s, x 10 Box Cutters, x 10 LBC’s, x 10 Flutter  Kicks, x 11 Copperhead Squats (for you TYA), and x 12 Imperial Walkers. Let’s go….mosey to corner of the basketball court.

Ascending 4 Corners…….Corner 1, x 10 Freddie Mercuries and bear crawl to Corner 2 for x 10 Freddie Mercuries and  x 20 LBC’s. Bear Crawl to Corner 3. x 10 Freddie Mercuries, x 20 LBC’s, x 30 SSH and bear crawl to corner 4. Corner 4, x 10 Freddie Mercuries, x 20 LBC’s, x 30 SSH, x 40 2 count Mtn. Climbers. Plank when finished.

What goes up must come down!!!

Descending 4 Corners…..starting in Corner 4, x 40 2 Mtn. Climbers, x 30 SSH, x 20 LBC’s, x 10 Freddie Mercuries. Lunge to Corner 3. x 30 SSH, x 20 LBC’s, x 10 Freddie Mercuries. Lunge to Corner 2, x 20 LBC’s, x 10 Freddie Mercuries. Lunge to Corner 1, x 10 Freddie Mercuries. Plank when finished.  Mosey to the soccer field.

10×10…..Line up to run across the soccer field. AYG across the field. Ready positions,  IC with the entire PAX, YHC initiating and PAX counting, x 10 Merkins. Repeat 10 times. 1000 meters run, AYG, and 100 Merkins. With time to spare….

Partner Carries….partner up and carry to midfield line, stop and each PAX members perform 5 burpees and switch. Partner carry to end of soccer field and 5 burpees for each PAX member. Switch and partner carry back to midfield, 5 burpees for each PAX member. Switch and partner carry to starting point. 5 burpees for each PAX member. Mosey back to flag with 0 minutes to spare and BOOM, finished!!

Number-ama, Name-r-ama, Announcements: Memorial Day to Labor Day Challenge to visit all the AO’s. Phonics, nice flyer!! Simple, there should not be any questions. Memorial Day Convergence-only workout in town is at Tredgar/Belle Isle, below Virginia War Memorial!

TYA took us out! Gracias Brother!!

NMS…Definite mumblechatter about the Caps destroying game 7 and reaching Stanley Cup Finals!! And, TYA questioned YHC ability to count past 10. Yup, I graduated from The Institute, definitely not college! YHC was out front leading so definitely missed a lot of mumblechatter and 23 PAX is superb!!

TYA, appreciate the words brother! Lockjaw, nice to see you in the PAX! Swirly, just go see the doctor when you get injured! Hell of a way to start the morning! Cosign, nice to see you out again! Grunt, way to push this morning and thanks for partnering up!!

45MOM is awesome. Thank you for following this morning men! The blessings we are bestowed upon us are awesome, magnificent, and humbling. Let us not take these for granted. Take the energy we showed this morning out into the world. It needs some awesomeness!!

Only those who post understand!

Loud and Proud!!



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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Good Q Flatline.
    Way to work guys – those sprints and merkins were no joke!
    Excellent words by TYA as he took us out today!
    I do not recommend a nice slice/gash in your palm – makes bootcamps rather difficult but one can modify – knuckles and finger tips baby!
    See y’all in the gloom..

  2. Great Q I hated it more this time than last. Mostly B/C I knew what was coming. Thanks brother for being super!!!

  3. What a way to start the day! Thanks for the great Q Flatline. My well was looking dry at the end there! Big thanks to Flashdance for helping a brother out. Dominate your Thursday.

  4. I’m bringing coffee to Twin Team tomorrow if that helps to get anyone out of the fartsack. Bring a mug.

  5. Nice beat down, Flatline. Those sprints seemed harder than last Tuesday. Maybe the turf? If I don’t see that again for a while, it wouldn’t break my heart. =)

  6. Great Q there, Flatty. No Tony Finau’s is always a good thing. Legs are smoked.

  7. Loved all the running Flatline. Perhaps i should do a bootcamp for RAMM tomorrow.

    Congrats on breaking 10 reps today!

  8. Solid, Flatline! Way to push on the sprints, fellas…nice job finding that extra gear Hardywood! To build on what TYA spoke of this morning, I learned that today is Brother’s day (didn’t know it existed) and I sincerely appreciate the new brotherhood I’ve experienced over the last couple months. My hat’s off to you all!

  9. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Great Q flatline. I hate sprints (if thats what you can call what I did), but they are good for me. Thanks