Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

New Location and Old Favorites


9 strong posted for a tour of the new SOT AO.  Maneuvering around the morning bus activity, all PAX found each other in the parking lot with a flag planted and a heightened level of excitement.  YHC thought it was for the Rosie Q but more likely to see what the new AO has for beatdown options.


Mosey to the bus loop for the COP.  DQ for Wilson, SSH, Merkins, IW, LBC, FK, Peter Parkers.  Giant parking lot tracers across the lined bus parking spots, Lab Rat would be pleased.  (Now he’s even happier b/c he was mentioned in a backblast of a workout he didn’t attend)  Mosey around the school – find Door #5 – 5 burpees.  Show the pax the potential gauntlet of doors 8-17.  Stop at door #18 for Freddie Mercuries, 18-IC.

Down the steps to the track and over to the second set of steps for a triple check.  P1-Runs up the stairs, around the bleachers and down the other set of stairs, P2-Squats, P3-Flutter Kicks.

Fantastic 400’s – Round 1- 10 merkins, run 100m, 10 Monkey Humpers, run 100m, 10 Heels to Heaven, run 100m, 10 2ct Mountain Climbers.  Round 2 – Repeato with 20 of each.

Love Hill on the hill to the track parking lot- Backward Lunges, Broad Jump Burpees, Polar Bears.  Back down with Hate Hill-Broad Jump Burpees, Russian Soldiers, Lunges

Mary – 1-leg Alabama Prom Dates, American Hammers, Crunchy Frogs

Back to the flag for a Ring of Fire – 10 merkins each with 10 together at the end.  5 burpees to close out the last 30 seconds.


Great start to a new AO men.  Lots to do at this AO, the stairs are something that we don’t have at many AOs and Honeymoon is already coming up with a plan to use them more.  Gumbo pointed out what seemed to be an extra large curb that Wilson quickly christened.  It’s not a true SOJ AO until Wilson spreads the salmon and malbec.  It seemed a little forced but it is done.  As we moseyed around the AO everyone seemed to find something else to use, multiple football fields, baseball fields, flying EH’s and hills.  The FNG even got a few civil engineering lessons on grate placement from YHC and Bobber.

Welcome Cougar Bait, it will likely get shortened to Cougar, but any man in his 20’s that states he is “single and ready to mingle” sounds like Two Can’s prodigy.  Kotters to McRib, good to have him back out, hope this AO fits into his schedule.  Singer wants to get in touch with Marmaduke to discuss how to post with 2 little ones at home, Singer is not up for excuses.  Singer may have been a little salty that Wilson fartsacked yesterday and didn’t deliver his golf tournament winnings.


Memorial Day Convergence – Monday 7am Tredegar Parking lot – Hot Potato Q

F3RVA Summer AO Challenge tour begins Tuesday – Hit all or some, you against you.  Bonus AO Monday.

Fun times today men, looking forward to many more mornings at this AO.


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  1. Great start for the new AO. Great Q, Rosie. Thanks for the general tour coupled with some pain stations. Next time, let’s bring a bottle of beer to smash against the building for the christening rather than Wilson marking his territory with a Salmon and Malbec cloud!

    Great to have McRib back out. He didn’t miss a beat.

    Welcome Cougar Bait. Great to have a New Corp (’16) Institute graduate out to show us old folks how to do it. Hopefully we have some tricks up our sleeve to show you.

  2. Looks like a great workout – I can’t wait to come check it out. McRib!!! Welcome back homie – I look forward to seeing you soon.

  3. So believe it or not today I actually posted at the old Source of Truth this morning. It had been a while since I had been out so I was looking forward to getting back to a bootcamp workout . Bleeder actually mentioned there was some chatter about moving to another location but I did not catch the preblast finalizing the move. Still managed to get a solid solo workout in and it was also nice to mosey around SOT and stroll down memory lane at the same time. There were some good times and great stories to be told. Looking back it is kind of cool to be the first member of the PAX to post and the last to close it out. RIP ol’SOT! #FILO

    On to bigger and better!

    The original Post & Q!
    When: 02/18/15
    QIC: LugNut
    The PAX: Iron, Bleeder, Wedding Singer, THE Yankee Aggressor, Wilson, LugNut

  4. This is awesome…whether intentional or unintentional.

    RESPECT, LugNut. Glad you got to give ‘Ol SOT a proper send off.

    We look forward to getting you out to the NEW SOT or Timberwolf on Thursdays. LOTS of doors and windows at the NEW SOT…just sayin

  5. Nice work fellas. I look forward to joining ya’ll at the near(er) SOT in the near future.

  6. Lug Nut – respect! Not easy working out solo. Cool perspective on the one who started SOT and the one to close it out. Well done. Look forward to seeing you in the gloom soon!

  7. Rosie – great inaugural Q! The new SOT love/hate hill is no joke. Liking the stairs and all the options at the NEW SOT! Did they have pull-up bars anywhere? Could it be that both SOT’s don’t have. If so, why don’t we want our middle school kids to have good upper body strength??? For all you fellas who don’t come to SOJ frequently, you’ll want to come for SOT. It’s awesome! Good call!

  8. Sorry you got left out of the loop Lugnut. Hopefully you can make it to Timberwolf or the new SOT soon. Respect for closing out SOT

  9. Way to bring it Rosie! It was great to be back in the gloom after a long hiatus.

    I love the new location for SOT and look forward to much pain there in the future.

    Lugnut….respect for closing out the old SOT.