Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A year in the life


9 manly men made the decision to let iron sharpen iron and heft the same.  Here’s how it went down.  This Q was split between YHC and Opus, with the latter taking COP and tabatas, YHC had everything else.


Invisible jump ropes, staggered merkins, copperhead squats, arm circles (small and big), SSH and KB halos.

Mosey to bus circle for partner work.  first partner carries KB around the loop, second partner lunges to first stopping  point for 20 KB swings, to second point for 40 lawnmowers, third point for 60 halos, and back to starting point for 80 slingshots.  When first partner catches second partner, they switch roles.

Next was the wonderful world of tabatas.  For those not familiar, you do an exercise for 20 seconds at highest intensity, rest 10 seconds, repeat.  8 sets of each exercise with 1 minute of rest between exercises.  Exercises were squat thrusts, and bob and weave.

Mosey to middle of bus loop, find your section of curb for 11’s.  Demon crushers and snatches, lunging from one side of the loop to another.

Mosey to SF, numberama, namerama, Opus took us out.


This is YHC’s and Opus’s anniversary week, so we decided to split the MANNdate Q.  There was a lot of mumblechatter this morning, and moments of COP when the PAX looked quite certifiable.  After a long weekend out of town for my niece’s graduation (great job, Gillie!) it was good to get back with my F3 brothers.  There was some talk of how the RVA spring seems like summer, but YHC was glad to earn a good sweat this morning.  The tabatas was great for that–20 seconds has never seemed so long, and 10 so short.  Thanks for the co-Q, Opus!

As usual, I have No Idea what I’m doing.


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  1. Thanks for leading, Opus and No Idea. It has been a great year!

    60 halos is a lot…