Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Welcome back


2 regulars and a Kotters posted at RiverRun for some early morning fun.  Roads were mainly dry and YHC hadn’t thought much about the route today so we made it simple.  As simple as going up Twin Team to start can be.  Up Twin Team, right on Brigstock – go until the clock hits 23 min, turn around and come back.  This is not much of a negative split since the out includes going up the hill and down coming back.

Devito finally succumbed to some of my EHing to get another runner out to RiverRun.  I think seeing him at Wilson’s golf tournament helped a little.  He mentioned how much he enjoys running early and kept a good pace considering he hasn’t run in a few months.  Great to catch up with him and find out the extensive connections we have, from college roommates to in-laws.  Lugnut was fresh off a week at the beach and hit the hill hard.  Another flying EH attempted on the guy Gumbo and I saw a few weeks back.  He’ll come around.

Great run today guys, feels good to start the morning getting the blood flowing.


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  1. Keep hitting that flying EH. Not very efficient, but fun to have a good reason to yell at a stranger in the dark!

  2. Great to see DeVito and LugNut out for a run. Sorry I could make it this morning.