Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Run Forest, Run!


13 Strong showed up on a beautiful Monday morning for a great start to the week:


Lap around the hood

Side Straddle Hop


Flutter kicks




Mosey to the top of Lindsay for a good old fashioned 11’s sequence (Merkins at the top of Lindsay Drive and Crunchy Frogs at the bottom)….



Mosey back to the flag for Merkin Ring of Fire, Mary (American Hammers X30, 6 inches X 30 count), COT, Numberama, Namearama, Announcements, and Splinter took us out.


YHC was excited to Q on such a nice morning.  In thinking about the plan last evening, YHC decided that although partner carries and wheelbarrows are fun, it was time to change things up.

YHC decided to challenge the PAX with something YHC isn’t so good at which is running.  What a better track (back and forth) than Lindsay Drive for some 11’s.  I believe down the hill one time is .2-.25 miles, and it’s a hard, steady climb back up (obviously same distance).  Doing that 20 times was a real challenge for YHC!   Tclaps to Garbage Plate, Gucci, Splinter, and Offshore for leading the way, man you guys are FAST!

Simply put, YHC loves how F3 pushes each of us to be better not only physically but overall as men.

Go get ’em today fellas, what a great start to the week!



Memorial Day Convergance at Tredegar/Belle Isle May 28th.

Summer Challenge:  Post at every AO between Memorial Day and Labor Day.


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  1. Nice Q, Slurp! I needed to sweat hard this morning, mission accomplished! Garbage Plate was in turbo mode this morning. Like Splinter said when he took us out, we definitely got the weekend out of our bodies with that workout! Have a great Monday all!

  2. Wedding Singer on

    I thought the Raleigh 3.5 miles in a bootcamp wouldn’t be topped, my watch had 3.4 miles at the end and I know a few PAX did an extra lap. That was tough man! Happy Birthday!

  3. Nice one Slurpee! For a few minutes I wondered if we would even finish 11s. Marv and I commented this morning was virtually a Spider Run.