Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Phoneics and Ferbrat….with a “whatcha doin?” from Mudfaceabella


2 runners showed up on time to Tomato run to start off Opus’ takeover week?  Hmmmmmm.  1 lone walker spotted later to bring numbers up to a quasi-respectable 3.

Route and NMS:  Runners took off with no plans on a pre-determined bro-code run….aka at Lab Rat’s pace.  Ended up running thru Honey Meadows, looped around King’s Charter, then back to parking lot for about 4 and a quarter.  We spotted Mudface on the way back and took a minute to catch up and exchange pleasentries before finishing up.  Mumble chatter was thru the roof, as one can imagine with Phonics and Lab Rat at the ready.  We solved global warming, the whole North Korean mess, and where we are going to post for the next three months.

Announcement (the only one that matters)-  Ghost flag at WDog Wednesday….come get you some!


Lab Rat apologizes


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  1. Enjoyed the run this morning. A bro-code run is a great way to start off the week.