Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Fiction Is Lies!


14 Warriors of the Gloom arrived on a day that only can be discribed as “Sunny and 70” for another edition of Dogpile. The SF was easily planted and the PAX got to work.

This is how it went down:

Slaughter Start – 10 Burpees OYO

Mosey to the circle next to the amphitheater

  • Invisible Jump Rope
  • DQ
  • Helicopters
  • Merkins
  • LBC’s
  • Flutter Kicks
  • Arm Circles

Mosey to the bottom of the amphitheater

Aken Legs – 20 Squats, 20 Box Jumps, 20 Lunges (ten each leg), 20 Split Jacks (10 each leg). Rinse and repeat with set of 30 and another set of 20.

Donkey Kick Wall – Set of 10 Kicks, 20 Kicks, and 10 Kicks

Love Hill – Partner Up, Partner Carrier down the hill completing 10 Merkins each before switching. Rinse and Repeat to the bottom

Mosey down the road

Burp Back Mtn. – Partner Up, first  partner proceeding to run up and down the hill 5X while the other partner is performing burpees. The individuals continue to alternate running with burpees until 100 total burpees are completed. When finished, PAX continue to run hills until entire PAX completes.

Mosey to the Toll Booth

4×4 / Hammer Bridge – Using Boulevard Bridge, run across the bridge completing one 4×4 at each light pole. Turn around at the end of the bridge or until passed by the lead PAX. Compete 5 (2ct) American Hammers at each light on the way back.

Mosey back to the SF

Numerama, Namerama, Announcements, YHC took us out.


YHC had been looking forward to this day all week. Not only because this day was a celebration for 2 years with F3 for YHC but also having the honor of Qing at Dogpile. As The Carpenter like to say Dogpile is the “Super Bowl” of F3RVA. It also a great opportunity to see the PAX from throughout RVA that during the week we don’t get to see. YHC doesn’t know about you but sometime he feels he take this for granted.

Where else can you find 20+ men, mainly in their 30’s and 40’s, wake up early in the morning, push themselves physically at the same time lifting each other? We don’t do this because we are financially invested, we do it because we all recognize the sad clown in us. We do this because of the PAX which inspires us to be better husbands, fathers, bosses, co-workers, children, brothers, and leaders in our community.

YHC is thankful for the PAX of F3RVA for their inspiration over the last 2 year. Ok enough of the sappy talk onto the recap.

YHC arrived to unusual rare occasion around 5:35 to find AO not secured by Big Blue. Hope the training is going well Swirly. You were missed today.

Gumbo arrived shortly after YHC followed by Hutton. The PAX ended up being light today due Puppy Pile and perhaps a few fart sacking for the Royal Wedding??? Hardywood hopes this would not be true.

Mumble Chatter seemed to be heavy during the COP but as the workout went on it got lighter.

YHC thinks he confused the PAX during the Aken Legs (well at least Wilson). He meant to call out “20 reps of the following exercises” but Wilson thought he said 20 sets. YHC will just have to be clearer with the old man next time.

This is the first time YHC had included Burp Back Mtn. during his Q. This was definitely one that looked better on paper. Some of the PAX “modified” with running up/down the hill only once or twice instead of five times before switching.  No worries, whatever it takes fellas!

Phonics enjoyed a little “Splash Down” on his return trip during 4×4 Bridge, as a car came zooming by, hit a puddle and soaked him along a few other close by.

TClaps today go out to Vinny who had to be a LIFO today in order to pick up his 2.0 before double dipping with Puppy Pile.

ET was fun as always. Chatter on our end of the table focused around current books being read by the PAX. Someone suggested that we should start a F3 Book Club. Lab Rat mentioned he already tried that but Hardywood didn’t like any of his suggestions since they were mostly fictional. Hardywood response: “Fiction Is Lies!”


  • Opus Takeover week is next week including his VQ at Dogpile
  • SOT – next week will be an exploration to Midlothian Middle School
  • Memorial Day Convergance at Tredegar/Belle Isle May 28th. 7 am
  • F3RVA Summer Tour begins the weekend of Memorial Day and ends on Labor Day. Who will be the first to post at every AO this summer?




  1. Great job today fellas. Great partnering with Gumbo and Honeymoon today. Have a great weekend!

  2. Happy Anniversary, Spit! Sorry I couldn’t make it and no, it wasn’t because of the Royal wedding! Looks like a tough beatdown!

  3. Great Q Spit! You always bring the pain and give us our money’s worth!! Congrats on 2 years.

    Great partnering with you on the carries – you are a beast. Thanks to EFH for the partner work on Burp mountain. Holly schnikies that was a killer.

    Props Vinny for the double dip. The puppy pile crew looked poised for a fun beatdown.

    Great time at ETs!

  4. The Carpenter on

    Great morning all around. Spit, that was a smoke-fest for sure. I started to wonder if we counted at Dogpile during the COP when everyone was talking about who knows what.

  5. The Carpenter on

    Congrats on 2 years! You have been a steady force and it has been a blast being with you on the F3 journey!!

  6. Spit – your the man! To be clear, I was not the only one that heard you state 2 sets, but the only brave one to say it. Glad I “heard you wrong”! lol I am smoked nice Q and great job with 2 years!

  7. Heck of a way to start the day. Congrats on two years, Spit! Wilson, really enjoyed the conversation on the way down Love Hill. Great work yesterday and it’s awesome how much of a proud dad you are, as you should be. Nice flip-flops Gumbo…

  8. Well done, Spit! Let me know if somebody needs a good book! I have two categories, truth and lies.