Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Water Aerobics


3 redwoods posted for a little splashing around at Twin Team.  Vinny left early to make sure he could make the long trek and Rosco hydroplaned his way down 60 to make it as we were leaving the parking lot.

Mosey into the bus loop for a little warm up on our feet that included SSH, DQ, IW and Moroccan Night Club.

Over to the basketball courts for intro to Form Friday.  10 Hand release merkins/Alternating Shoulder Taps, Sprint across the courts, 10 slow Freddie Mercuries, sprint across the courts, 10 good low CH squats.  Things get a little sloppier after that.

Mosey through the streams of water running around the playground track to the playground.  3 full hang pull ups, 5 HRM – Repeato 3x Mosey around the track to the other side for 10 single leg lunges, 10 CH squats.  Find a good puddle in the middle of the field for FK and American Hammers.

Triple Check – run across the field, slow in place lunges, elbow plank, in the ditch.

Back to the playground for 3 rounds of – 5 full hang pullups, 10 HRM (find the deepest puddle), 15 CH squats, run to the field, it’s one big puddle, 10 full WWII, 20 2ct Freddies.  Mosey back to the parking lot and close out with Dollies.


Wow!  Great work by Vinny and Rosco today.  Days like this are a lot of fun, everyone reading this that did not post should be disappointed they missed it. YHC had every intention of today being a strict Form Friday but the rain and puddles proved too much fun and some of the form went out the window for a little splashing around.  Running across the field feels a little different with 3 pound shoes and inch deep puddles.  Vinny found the best spot for the HRM with a deep puddle that added some extra resistance trying to push yourself out of it.  YHC is still finding chucks of mulch all over, Vinny tried to clean up in the bird bath puddles but not sure how well that ended up.  

Vinny has started the summer challenge early getting to know all the AOs.  Only a small portion of this one seen today but there was plenty of fun to be had.  Rosco came in hot after YHC and Vinny left the parking lot and we thought he might be leaving but he was driving around to try to find us.  We were able to circle back and collect him, certainly don’t want to leave a man behind in weather like this.  It’s fun to play around in the rain like we’re kids again, because, let’s face it, we’re all big kids anyway.

Puppy pile tomorrow 7:05, bring an extra towel.

Enjoy the rain.


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  1. Gumbo, you missed it. That was the most fun I have had in a while! After the first ten seconds you realize there is no use in trying to stay out of the puddles, might as well jump in.

    Vinny, good call on the hand release ‘murcans in standing water, I felt like “Mayo-naze” with Rosie playing Louis Gossett, Jr. “I’ve got nowhere else to go!!!!!”

  2. Over a river and through the woods Vinny went to Twin Team:

    Today is a day that I will never forget. It’s what this is all about! HR Merkins in 6 plus inches of water was fantastic. I’m still finding mulch in my pockets! Really enjoyed the conditions and fellowship gentlemen. Wish we could have stayed longer. Today, we made Andy Dufresne proud.

  3. Thanks for going along with the fun in the puddles men. We don’t get days like this often but when we do it’s always a good time.

  4. Ha Ha the name said it all great work in the rain men

    if it aint rain we aint training

    2 clap BOOM