Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Where Did All These Kids Come From


Warm-up run around the church


Crunchy Frog

Smurf Jacks

Hand Release Merkins

Arm Circles (big, small, reverso)

to the wettest, muddiest part of the field for

Tunnel of Love

Pax lines up in plank

Last in line army crawls to the front

2 time through

5 burpees or boya merkins at the end

Mosey to the back parking lot for

Basketball Shootout

PAX Separates into two teams (1.0s VS 2.0s)

one member of each team takes a shot

Make it , the team does 3 burpees

Miss it, team runs other side of the parking lot and back

shoot for 10 minutes

Winners take a victory lap around the church

Losers plank until they get back


plank up

Play the song Seagulls, Stop It Now

Merkin every time it says “seagulls” or “stop”

Mosey back to SF for

Boat/Canoe ring of fire

PAX holds boat

one person does 5 Boat/Canoes then hands off to the person beside them


PuppyPile 2.0 Workout is May 19th at 7:05am at Dogwood Dell after Spit’s beat down.



Recess took us out


Three months ago Recess and Ewok asked if they could Q The Creek. YHC checked the Q list and it was open and the date was saved.

They jumped in it feet first. I typical VQ fashion  there was no sleep on VQ eve and they woke YHC about an hour and a half early. The workout was discussed and it was determined that a weinke would not be needed (this ended up being a mistake). We woke up Chewy and hit the road.

YHC and his crew got to the AO at 5:20 to see and unfamiliar car waiting. Welcome to The Creek Vinny. A quick ride around the AO to make sure that the basketball hoops were still there, another five minutes watching The Carpenter take his 2.0s for a quick tour of the parking lot, and then we got to work and picked up Hardywood at the end of the first lap.

After some coaching, the disclaimer was said and the FNGs were welcomed. Cadence for the COP was on point, but there was some confusion as to what exercises were going to be performed. But the pulled it back together.

Tunnel of Love, was originally gong to be four corner tunnel of love with ascending count exercises at each corner around the field. The PAX made it half way down one side when an audible was called. All of this occurred after the debate of weather it should be done trough the mud or over the gravel, mud won out. Have several 2.0s making up the tunnel adds a level of difficulty, as YHC learned as he tried to crawl under The Carpenter’s smallest 2.0.

The teams for basketball were 2.0s versus 1.0s. The boys in the DaVille region need to work on their shooting skills. YHC belives that at least one, if not both, of the 1.0s baskets were scored by visitors from other regions. The 2.0s dominated the 1.0s in this, leaving with a score of 4 to 2. They then went off on what was either the longest or the slowest victory lap while the rest of the PAX planked. We were running out of things that you can raise while in plank by the time that they got back.

YHC thought that there were a lot more “seagulls” and “stop” in the some. It turned into a 3 minute plank with 4 merkins as a rest.

YHC is proud of this boys. Was it the smoothest Q? No. Did they lose focus and start planing with the other 2.0s there? Yes. Did they push the PAX? I think that they did. Was it fun? yes it was. Was it the most frustrating Q the YHC has been a part of? Yes, Yes it was. But they came to me to lead it and they planned the whole thing out with little input from me and in the end two boys, with their age still in single digits, lead their VQ for a PAX of 18. So what they have from me is pride and respect.

Thanks for letting them lead











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  1. I would like to say that there were several reason that this took so long to get done, but they are just excuses. I slipped, it wont happen again.

  2. Mud Face. I very much admire and appreciate the bond that you share with your sons and the shared bond y’all have in F3. It’s awesome! Hopefully we’ll see y’all out tomorrow.