Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Typical Trio at SOT…for one more time?


Three SOT regulars posted this morning to possibly begin the wind-down process at SOT…TBD.  In any event, YHC planted the flag early and lead the following beatdown once Rosco and Rosie joined:

Mosey to the track and one lap around and form up in the asphalt pit of despair for COP, including:

  • DQs
  • Helicopters
  • SSHs
  • Imperial Walkers
  • LBCs
  • Flutter Kicks


Mosey to the Tennis Courts for Four Corners

  • Corner 1 = 10 merkins
  • Corner 2 = 20 jump squats
  • Corner 3 = 30 2-count mountain climbers
  • Corner 4 = 40 LBCs
  • Lunge the short sides; Sprint the Long Sides

Four Corner Rewind (and I hadn’t even read Flatline’s BB from NoToll yet…great minds):

  • Reverse the above with backwards run on the long sides and backwards lunge on the short sides

SOT Classic Triple Check – mosey over to the corner of the school for the classic SOT triple check spot with People’s Chair, Freddie Mercuries and a run to the far tree and back.

Merry-Go-Round the basketball Courts

  • Round 1 = 1 Burpee at each basket
  • Round 2 = 10 Box Cutters at each basket
  • Round 3 = 5 Ball Dippers at each basket

APDs x20 IC

Dying Cock-a-Roaches x10

Mosey back to the Flag for a Trio of Triangles of Fire:

  • First TOF = plank and 10 merkins with an explosion to your feet and holding Al Gore after your merkins
  • Second TOF = Al Gore, drop and do 10 2-count flutter kicks, then pop back up to Al Gore
  • Third TOF = Hold six inches and do 10 Hello Dollies when it is your turn

2 MOM with LBCs and American Hammers

COT, COR, NOR and YHC took us out


  • HDHH today at Independence = range time 5:30-6:30, weather permitting.  Drinks/food at Tavern 19 regardless
  • Golf Tourney Friday – rain or shine…though high winds and lightening may have a little something to say with that plan.
  • SOT – next week will be an exploration to Midlothian Middle School
  • Shakedown and Mr. Holland still collecting $$ for St. Baldrics.  Let’s hit their goal and behold their bald beauty.
  • Lab Rat and Shakedown are running downtown at 11:30 today.  YHC can’t make it today, but I plan to join when I can.


Great work this morning by Rosco and Rosie.  YHC is still leaning heavy on abs and legs and babying the shoulder so thanks for indulging.  Sounds like Flatline laid down enough merkins for a while yesterday at NoToll.   The chatter was strong this morning.  A great way to start the hump day.

Let’s breathe some life into our SOJ Wednesdays and increase  the numbers.  Perhaps a new AO will do that.  Rosie and YHC will be posting to Midlo Middle next Wednesday for an exploratory beatdown.  Come join us.

Have a great Wednesday men!

No More Gumbo for You!


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  1. Good sendoff for the original SOT. On to greener, or at least closer, pastures next week.

  2. Great work gents; always a pleasure, time flies when you’re having fun…or…..

    Come back Marmaduke, and drag Wilson with you! I will be out next week but like MacArthur “I shall return.”