Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Up Hill. Both Ways.


Honey suckle sweetens the air.  Headlights were barely in use.  Lockjaw had a new route that went like this.


6s added a loop of the lake at the end.  4s turned around at the fork in the road.

Offshore took us out.


  • Marv is dancing for money on Friday night as part of a fund raiser.  There is a set donation amount, but bring folded singles as well.  See Marv for details.
  • Shakedown hit 84% of his goal.  Let’s see if we can get him to 100%.  Does that include shaving the beard?
  • HDHH tomorrow.  See Gumbo’s post.
  • Golf tournament this Friday.
  • Puppy Pile on Saturday – 7:05.  Bring those 2.0s.  No sleeping in!
  • Memorial Day Convergence – 7:00 Brown’s Island


Nothing like a spring morning after a storm to really clear things up.  YHC really liked this new route and thinks its a keeper.  Anybody want to post a suggested route name in the comments?




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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Excellent new route Lockjaw .
    Think we will all be better prepared for that hill next time – wow !
    Enjoyed the run BT !
    Way to push guys – beautiful morning ..
    See y’all in the gloom…

  2. Looks like a tough route. Sorry I had to miss this morning.

    HDHH – Independence Golf Club (600 Founders Bridge Blvd. Midlothian, VA. 23113). 5:30-6:30, range time. 6:30-? Tavern 19.

  3. For a minute i thought you milked a bull en route with the kingpin reference.

  4. Big Tennessee on

    Kingpin is good. That hill really jarred something loose, Tiger. Seems like BRR training is in full swing.

  5. Like having to pick your favorite child, this is now one of my top-5 favorite Lockjaw routes. Smoker of a hill dude.