Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Go Caps Go (#ALLCAPS)!


Nine aspiring NHL players posted today in preparation for game three of the Eastern Conference Finals, and to celebrate the Caps finally breaking the 20 year D.C. sports curse (what curse). It went a little something like this:

5:30 sharp, leave the locker room and mosey to warm-up area beside the rink / bottom of Heartbreak Ridge.

COPYHC advised the PAX that he needs work on cadence.  Arm Circles (slow – forwards / backwards). Jump Squats. Invisible Jump Ropes. All x 10. The dudes abided with HALT every time, so YHC must have improved slightly overnight.

THANG: Pre-skate strength and conditioning. Clockwork Merkins on HBR. 5 at 12/ 3/ 6/ 9. Repeato Counterclockwise. Plank walk between slotted times. Crawlbear up HBR  for 20 row boats (there’s a theme here). Crabwalk back downPolar Bear up HBR for 20 WWIIs (still a theme). Polar Bear back down.

Time to lace up the skates and hit the ice. 1 lap around the rink/track. (Native American Run w/ 3 burpees).  

Partner up: Defenseman, time to get in on the ice time. Catch me if you can. Skate/run backwards while partner does 5 burpees. (It’s hard to do burpees in skates on ice). 1 lap.

New partners: Time to work on those upper and lower body injuries. Partner 1 runs a lap while partner 2 completes dips. Repeato x 2. LBCs to wait for PAX. 50 LBCs OYO (more on this in a minute).

Penalty Box / Rusty Cage. Pax hit with a 5 minute major. Partner up. 11s. Jerkins and Booyah Merkins (2-count).

Game over. Back to the locker room/flag. Good guys win. YHC took us out.

NMS: Great time this morning. YHC pulled an accidental Swirly. I woke up at 4:45 got ready and started to head out the door when I realized it was 4:15. Oh well. Arrived at HBR 30 minutes early and was able to get the rink lights turned on, warmed up and ready to go. Six PAX members joined me at the start of practice with two others coming in hot. Considered having them skate extra laps, but decided against it.

There was a leak in the arena roof, so last night’s rain made pre-skate training a bit slippery. Flipper called an audible on downhill Polar Bears and went with somersaults instead. Good work Brother, YHC/Coach noticed the extra effort!

Solid mumble chatter during time in the Penalty Box. Solid effort as well.

YHC didn’t plan this, but as it were, today was my 50th post (hence the 50 LBCs). Special shout out to Hardywood (or blame Hardywood if you’d prefer) for bringing me in to F3. It’s been awesome so far, thanks to all of you. Can’t wait for what lies ahead. Thanks for letting me lead today.


Happy Birthday Atilla!

PuppyPile – May 19th. 7:05

Pay Shakedown lost of money to shave his head.

See Wilson and Gumbo about golf.

Memorial Day Convergence at Tredegar/Belle Isle May 28th. 7:00 a.m.

F3 Arlington is launching Saturday June 2 at 7:00 a.m. YHC plans on being there. Join me if you can. Hit me up for details or check them out on Twitter.

-Never pick the low hanging fruit!

Vinny, out!


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  1. Really enjoyed the morning fellas. Thanks for the indulgence. Great working with Garbage Plate, Loose Goose, Handshake and Hardywood. Get better Loose Goose. Flipper will sort you out in no time.

  2. Solid looking beatdown Vinny. Well done. Way to work fellas.

    HDHH – Independence Golf Club (600 Founders Bridge Blvd. Midlothian, VA. 23113). 5:30-6:30, range time. 6:30-? Tavern 19.

  3. Great Q Vinny and glad to have you part of the tribe. The Boo Yah Merkins were no joke! Big ups to Flipper for absolutely crushing it. Make it a great one fellas!!

  4. Well done Vinny! You count just fine, also T-claps for the crawl bear uphill in the wet grass. Honeydo strives to not audible from what the Q calls but I wasn’t going to make it up that hill backwards and switched to bear crawl.

  5. Good Q, Vinny. You’re a Caps-loving dog and I think that has something to do with my calf injury… Also, since I don’t think you heard my best mumblechatter I’ll replay for you: since we were celebrating the Caps, shouldn’t just one guy have been doing all the exercises?

  6. Great Q Vinny….it was more of a Bear Crawl turned into a Pete Rose face first down a slick hill…would anyone like to venture a guess who was one of the Pax coming in Hot… Bingo… Hardywood you carried me on your back like a little papoose during Boyahs…

  7. Glad that Vinny’s Q was not premature celebration and CPAs dominated game 7 last night. Here’s to hoping for another Caps themed beatdown in 2 weeks.

  8. 4-0. Never would have guessed. Awesome.

    One more series. Let’s go CAPS!!!!

  9. If the Caps win the Stanley Cup, I’ll put something together for the following Tuesday at HBR, in celebration. #ALLCAPS