Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Big Blue Ain’t Got Nothing on Pick 2


6 Davillians did let some late night thunderstorms keep them from enjoying Day 2 of Spit DaVille takeover week. YHC and Opus arrived early, Emoji and Helix short there after, Pick 2 arrived in a bus (more on that later), and the one minute warning was given as always when Phonics pulled in.

This is how it went down:

Mosey to the back of the HS to the basketball court

  • SSH
  • DQ
  • Hillbillies
  • Merkins
  • LBC’s
  • Dying Cockroach
  • Arm Circles

Triple Check – Using the back wall of the school, first partner donkey kicks, second partner People’s chair, and third partner runs to touch 5 trees. Rinse and repeat three times while never touching the same tree twice

Mosey to the pull up bars

Arm Work – Partner Up, each partner completes 10 pull ups and 10 Jerkins. Rinse and Repeat for three sets.

Mosey to the MS tennis courts

Four Corners – Partner Up, complete 10 Burpees each – 1st corner, partner carrier, complete 20 WWII sit-ups second each – 2nd corner, partner carrier, complete 30 Merkins each – 3rd corner, partner carrier, complete 40 squats each 4th corner, partner carrier back to the start

Mosey to the bus loop

Burpee Indian Run – PAX starts moseying around the bus loop while the last person completes 5 Burpees then runs to the front. Rinse and repeat with 4 Burpees while heading back to the SF.

1 MOM – 3 Burpees, then 2 Burpees, then 1 Burpee

Numerama, Namerama, Announcements, Opus took us out.


YHC had a long day at work yesterday and wasn’t completely sure the plan this morning. When the PAX ended up being even he knew today would be a partner day.

Opus, Emoji, and YHC all arrived before 5:25 and enjoy some pre workout mumble chatter. All of a sudden a large 15 passenger bus pulls into the parking lot. YHC first thoughts were “That has to be the largest clown car ever”! But then after reading the side of the business said Mechanicsville Church of Christ, YHC remembered that Pick 2 was without his truck for this week. Pick 2 give us knew meaning to driving your company car to the AO.

YHC enjoyed watching Opus and Helix giving their best Johnsonville impressions during the Hillbillies. Also Opus seem gave a great impression of what a Dying Cockroach should look like after completing that exercise.

Mumble chatter was pretty low the rest of the way through as the PAX was focus on the task at hand.


  • Spit’s takeover week in DaVille continues tomorrow at MANNDate
  • PuppyPile 2.0 Workout is May 19th at Dogpile, starts at 7:05 a.m.
  • Memorial Day Convergance at Tredegar/Belle Isle May 28th. 7 am
  • HDHH, May 16th = Independence golf club.  Get there before 6:30 to hit balls, and after hang out for a beverage at Tavern 19…
  • F3RVA Summer Tour begins the weekend of Memorial Day and ends on Labor Day. Who will be the first to post at every AO this summer?




  1. Pick 2 has room for about 20 more F3 men as long as he can hijack the company van for the Mechanicsville Church of Christ! all I’m saying is COMON MAN! lets help him fill the seats. i’ve gotten about 20 years younger just by showing up at F3 for a couple years, and can you imagine how thankful every wife would be for the savings in insurance co-pays for stupid health issues you could have avoided JUST by working out with brothers a few days a week and also lived literally about 15 years longer (feeling BETTER) and seeing your kids for a longer time taking on the new world??

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