Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

In Cadence


Six regulars and one FNG gathered at Batteau this morning for coffee, bagels, and Hot Potatoes. 5:30 sharp, time to mosey. YHC took us to the far side of the field to see what the neighbors on Forest Hill Avenue were having for breakfast.

COP: Arm Circles (10) SSHs (20) DQs (11 – not sure why). Shut it down. NOTE: YHC hasn’t practiced much with cadence, so I wanted to get some in today. Unanimously confimed, I’m terrible at it. Come bust my chops tomorrow at Heartbreak Ridge for my Q.

THANG: Clockwork Merkins – OYO. 5 at midnight / 3 o’clock / 6 o’clock / 9 o’clock. Repeato counter clockwise.

Mosey to top of the stairs of pain. Collect rocks. Circle up. 2 left arm / 2 right arm Merkins at each rock. Plank walk to next rock, clockwise back to original rock. Next up, counter clockwise, 1 left arm / 1 right arm Merkin back to your rock.

Pass the sugar. Hardywood, you’re up. Saunter to the bottom of the stairs. HR Merkins – run to the bottom of the next set of stairs. Squats. Hump to top of the stairs. Burpees. Repeato. 5 /10 /15. Shakedown’s turn to serve coffee.

Tennis Court: 4 corners. 10 Merkins / 20 LBCs / 30 2-count Mountain Climbers / 40 squats – Progressive.

Native American run – sorta – to the stage left over from last night’s music fest. Attempt box jumps. To shakey. Mosey back down to the site of Clockwork Merkins. Burpees / Box Jumps x 20. Dang!

Sugar Sock, you’ve never been to Batteau before, so you’re up. Make sure the food is hot, and bring us home brother! Mosey to tennis courts for Triple Check: Leg Lifts / Squats / Lap around tennis courts x 3.

Back to the Flag


Great work today gentlemen, especially to FNG ABBA. I hope the pain was as promised. Look forward to seeing you back out soon.

Thoughts and prayers this morning for a few of our brothers specifically, and all of them collectively. Great thing about F3 is that no matter where you turn, there’s a brother nearby. Lean on us when needed, hold us up when you can. Awesome stuff!


Puppy Pile is this Saturday, 7:05.

Shakedown is kicking butt to kick children’s cancer’s butt. See prior backblasts to help him out.

Memorial Day convergence at Tredegar/Belle Isle May 28th.

Wilson has a golf tournament May 18th / Pre-game May 16th at Independence. 5:30

Always tuck in your shirt. Never wear flip-flops.

-Vinny out!



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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Way to work guys – welcome Abba !
    Great to see Sugar Sock out there @ Batteua
    See y’all in the gloom..

  2. Nice AO, was glad for the tour before it was my turn. Great work out there guys and way to get us started and bring us home, Vinny. No better way to start a week.

  3. Good fun Vinny – don’t forget the four corners on the court before the box jump burpees.

    Those rock Merkins were terrible. Way to bring the pain

  4. Vinny, if that’s your tag line, let me fill you in on some advise I got in school….in multiple choice, if the answer contains ALWAYS or NEVER, it is usually not the correct answer. #untuckd #bedrocksandals #freakflag

  5. Great Q and a solid start to Monday. Thanks to Wheelbarrow for being my LIFO buddy.