Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Good sense of Direction


The two RiverRun regulars were preparing to depart on a run through the neighborhoods when a vehicle unfamiliar on Mondays rolled into the lot.  Rosco popped out and with a couple instructions on the Tarrington route we headed out.

We tried to give Rosco some directions to skip the Ashwell Loop and have us catch up to him but apparently he is too fast for that.  He made it up the hill and back down before YHC had a chance to catch up to him and give the next set of instructions.  YHC and Gumbo split up to make sure we didn’t miss him and so Gumbo could visit his favorite blue box.

Rosco was waiting at the AO as YHC finished up and had made his way through the neighborhood.  Good thing he has a good sense of direction and made it back to the AO alright.  A few more visits to the RiverRun and he’ll have most of the roads down.

Sounds like Rosco might become a regular runner, great to have him out.

Discussions about the future of SOT, more info to follow.


HDHH Wednesday, 5/16 at Independence.

Convergence at Tredegar on Memorial Day.

Shaved head fundraising, see Shakedown’s post.  Or post where he does, he’ll let you know the details.


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  1. Yeah, I’m one or two visits away from getting my name on the wall of the Blue Box.

    Great to have the Sheriff pay a visit to River Run. Look forward to many more in the coming weeks/months.

  2. Latest is that SOT will still be around but may find a new location. Stay tuned…