Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



16 youngsters appeared in The Gloom for the 70th Anniversary School House Edition of the (Tucka)Hoedown. It’s very possible that the following happened.

Neighborhood lap

COP (in Factors of 7)

Hillbillies (7)
SSH (14)
Mountain climbers (21)
Imperial walkers (21)
LBCs (14)
HR mercans (7…save these for later, eh?)

Run to School Day

Partner up
Both partners polar bear crawl to first SUV. Mercans every so often along the way.

SUV Shuffle (Omage to All the Mom’s)

Stay with your partner.  Or, apparently, don’t.
10 mercans at first SUV, then Bernie Sanders to top of hill.
Run back down to second SUV. Repeat mercans, and repeat BS to top of hill.
Repeato at each SUV on the street, or until Q decides on the definition of an SUV and the definition of “on the street,” and whether the PAX has done sufficient mercans.

Al Gore for the six

Parking Lot Arrows

Line up on first painted arrow in the parking lot.  Partner up.  (Note: this version of partnering up is purely social, and is in no way related to any exercise.  Just trying to keep it social).

First Round:

7 of an exercise at each arrow. Saab selected hand release mercans.  YHC says there are 10 arrows. This may or may not be true. But, if the Q says it, the PAX does it. 70 HR mercans.  That slowed the Mumblechatter for a while.

Bear crawl between arrows.

Al Gore for the six.

Second Round:

LBCs. PAX did 14 at each arrow. Side straddle hop in between. (Wait for the running moms to pass before starting.)

LBCs for the six.

Mosey to the SF.

4 Minutes of Phys Ed. (aka Mary)

Reverse crunches
Hello Dolly
Possible the PAX did other ab exercises as well.

Number-am-a, Name-a-ram-a, YHC took us out.


HDHH Wednesday.  Gumbo is providing golf lessons, or golf balls, or some such fun.  You buy your own beer / wings / food after.  See him.

Golf Friday For the Cause.  See Wilson.

Puppy Pile Saturday at 7:05 a.m.

Breaking Bread…May 27…would love to have one more family join YHC’s.  Hard to market “Food by UpChuck,” even to the homeless.


YHC had quite a night.  Mother’s Day with in-laws ran late, CAPS, CAPS, CAPS, and then a client issue.  Thus, no preparation today.  According to Inspector Flipper, it was apparent.  Perhaps YHC saying,”Man, I really don’t have anything planned” gave it away.  Well done, Inspector.

Hats off today to the PAX for putting up with some disorganization.  What can be said?  Sometimes you just need to grab a partner.  2nd F during the 1st F.

That said, the PAX did reach some milestones.

HoneyDo did not puke.
Saab called for an audible.
Gomer Pyle learned that YHC cannot (or does not) bother to count.
Fudd is still counting SUV’s on Lindsey.

Footnote: An SUV is whatever the Q says an SUV is.

Side note: Was it Kubota who pointed out the need to respect the Rural SUV (aka pickup)?  YHC thanks him kindly for his support.

Endnote: YHC continues to be impressed that Fudd shows up on days he is traveling.  This is not easy given the commuting pressures, tightness from sitting in the car, etc.  Great to have him out there.

Way to push it, Hand Shake. Hope that ankle keeps coming along.

Thanks to Mr. Holland for pushing YHC up the hill, backwards.  Well done.

UpChuck spits the bit.


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  1. Great workout, Upchuck nicely done! Lindsay was a beast, I’m definitely feeling it. Nice touch with the arrows, that was a crowd pleaser from my standpoint as well as a first!

  2. Terrific BB Upchuck. While your lack of preparation was evident, the results led to a solid beatdown. It was a tough run home…

  3. Glad it was worth the membership fee. Those HRM’s are going to hurt tomorrow.

  4. Nice Q, Upchuck! I couldn’t even tell you hadn’t planned?. I loved the “You WILL bear crawl!” command. I’m not sure how I ran home this morning.

  5. Think of “you WILL” as a prediction, not a command. It’s a sign of my faith in The Pax.

  6. Excellent Q Upchuck! I feel the urge to run everywhere backwards today…..almost as if turning back time.

    You got a lot of Mary in the 4 minutes too.

  7. Agreed! And I do consider my truck a Sport Utility Vehicle but only when my kids are riding in the very back. It is then a “sport” to them!

  8. Indeed. The crew cab serves many purposes.

    I think of the Chevy Avalanche as a prime example – it’s the mullet of vehicles. Business in the front; party in the back.

  9. Way to make it up on the fly. Thanks Saab for the HR Merkins call. When Flipper AND Mr Holland pull in to the AO together it is definitely 5:30, I don’t care what your watch says…

  10. Nice Q Upchuck. Well worth the effort to climb out of bed.

    For the record, I’m happy to stay with my partner when we are doing partner exercises, or when running through the jungle. Neither of which we did today.

  11. Sometimes the exercise is so outlandish it just seems like it was made up on the fly…I just guessed you made it up spur of the moment… but some of the best beatdowns are probably a spur of the moment decision…. A Swirly “Again ” comes to mind. Way to kick our As$&; with little to no preparation UpChuck. Great to partner with you Saab and Kubota for no apparent reason.

  12. Outlandish?

    It’s called side straddle hopping. National Sport of Sweden, homeland of the Saab.

  13. Great Q Upchuck. At least the parts I was there for. Tclaps to Fireman Ed for sticking with me on the “counting SUV” partner evolution, however I would have sworn his name was Farmer Dan. Further evidence that remembering names is not my strong suit. Polar bears with bear crawls and all the mericans (regular and hand release) left my shoulders completely smoked for the drive north. It did feel great to start my week off with a solid beatdown in the gloom with some solid dudes.