Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Field DAY


27 Warriors commenced this A.M. for a solid Field Day Beatdown that went something like this:


Side Straddle Hop

Imperial Walkers

Don Quixote


Flutter Kicks


Mosey to the bottom of the AMP for some pre-Field Day warm up:

-Merkins up (171 Total) , Jump Squats Down (171 Total)

Mosey to the Field for a partner Race, here are the facts start to finish:

-Partner up, Wheelbarrow to the Middle of the Field (Each man does 20 PLT’s), Wheelbarrow to the endzone (20 PLT’s each man).  Repeat on the way back.

-Next Up and back was the same, but Partner Carries….

-Flutter Kicks, American Hammer, and 6 inches while waiting for the 6…..

Mosey to the Valley of Death behind the amphitheater.  Run Down and Up to the other side 1burpee.  Run back 2 burpees, all the way to 8…..

Mosey back to the flag for Merkin Ring of Fire, Mary (LOTS of American Hammers), COT, Numberama, Namearama, Announcements, and Honeydo took us out.


Great time this morning!  YHC arrived at 5:30 a.m. right about the time Gumbo was rolling in… Expected to see Big Blue, but no luck.  Swirly is getting his 2.0 from Bridgewater this weekend, safe travels!

PAX members rolled in heavily 10 minutes before 6 a.m.  YHC enjoyed some hilarious stories pertaining to pre- F3 workout preparation rituals, particularly one that Deuce is familiar with…. YHC will stop there as no details are necessary….

6 Sharp/Time to go to work:  After heading to the amphitheater for some warm up via merkins and squat jumps it was time for the Field day race.

In honor of our 2.0’s upcoming end of the year field days, we had a little race of our own.  Wheelbarrows, PLT’s and Partner Carry’s turned out to be no joke.  Mumblechatter quickly diminished, and it was on!  It was great to partner with Sippy, well done dude.  We all tried to catch the Fudd/Saabsky team but to no avail = Field Day Winners today, way to work fellas…. The Prize:  two 6 packs of adult beverages for each man coming your way.  YHC somehow forgot to mention that before the race started….

The PAX, including YHC was smoked after our race….However, as a final dose of pain we headed to the Valley of Death for some additional fun…

YHC would like to thank the PAX for letting me lead today, it was fun and I can’t wait to do it again.  Drink some water and try to stay cool, going to be a hot one!!



PuppyPile 2.0 Workout is May 19th at Dogpile, starts at 7:05 a.m.  This will take place after Spit’s beatdown.

Shakedown is 70% to his goal for his St. Baldrick’s cancer fundraiser.  Try to support him if you can!

Memorial Day Convergance at Tredegar/Belle Isle May 28th.

Wilson’s Golf Tourney, May 18th = www.forethecause.org

HDHH, May 16th = Independence golf club.  Get there before 6:30 to hit balls, and after hang out for a beverage at Tavern 19…





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  1. Looks like a nice hot beat down! Good job, Slurpee! Sorry I missed. Saab and Fudd have extra beers? When can I come over?

  2. Nonsense. I owe you some beers for the killer workout. Let’s all hit Kuba sometime.

    As for Fudd going commando, I did manage to keep my eyes closed during the PLTs….did I have a choice?

    Lab Rat and Gumbo were on fire today….comically speaking.

  3. Wheelbarrow up AND back was just nuts Slurpee. Glad to partner with Gomer Pyle. And the PLTs ensured the man on the ground got a face full of clay, for complete coverage.

  4. Great beatdown Slurpee. I’m feeling the field work for sure right now. And, still scraping red clay off my legs. Great to partner with Lab Rat (comically and physically). Have a great weekend guys. Happy Mothers’ day to all the moms and Ms who put up with our idiotic routines.

  5. Sorry to miss it Slurpee! Komen race…….yes Wilson walked! See y’all in the gloom!

  6. Great workout Slurpee – this morning was the first time in a long while I was shedding that much mud in the shower.

    Great work Mr. Roper, I tho k we could win a partner carry race if we lived through it.

    Remember your mothers, boys, and the women who made you fathers. Have a great Sunday.

  7. Wicked beatdown Slurpee! Its Sunday and my guns are still sore. Tclaps to Saab for laying it down on the field day evolution. That man was perfecting the wheelbarrow before I was deucing in my diapers. Pretty stoked that we get a 6 pack of our choice. I’ll go with Lab Rat’s pale ale.

  8. Thanks, guys that was fun….Clay in the eyes definitely helped Saabsky seeing how commando style was in effect…

    Meant to thank Kubota for letting me borrow your shovel flag, appreciate it! Hope everyone had a good day with the Mom’s and Ms yesterday…

  9. Great beat down that was a classic still sore but made it out this week!!