Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Murph First Timers


With Honeymoon on the Q sheet most everyone knew what would be in store for the day.  Unfortunately YHC got a text that Honeymoon was laid up with a stomach bug and a substitute was needed.  YHC was happy to step up but wasn’t sure whether to do the Murph or not.  Offshore posted and the decision was made.

The Murph it is, after all, it is May and the official “Murph Challenge” is a Memorial Day thing.

Run a mile – 10 rounds of 10 pull-ups (or AMRAP), 20 merkins and 30 squats – Run another mile.


YHC partnered up with Offshore recently at the Rusty Cage and he was asking when the Murph is done.  Look for Honeymoon on the Q at TwinTeam and you’ll find it.  Obviously this is well known and many other PAX avoided TwinTeam while Offshore accepted the challenge.  When Offshore got out of his car and said “You’re not Honeymoon.”  YHC knew it had to be the Murph.  Mr. Holland rolled up at 0530 and we rolled out, informing him on the way that we were doing the Murph.  He thought he had avoided it since it is usually the first or last Friday of the month, not this month.  It’s a tough workout but Offshore and Mr. Holland crushed it with some time in the middle to shake the arms loose for an extra pull up or two.


Offshore is still looking for fluids.

Mr. Holland and Shakedown are shaving their heads for St. Baldricks

HDHH at Independence on 5/16

Wilson’s golf tournament 5/18


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  1. Great work today guys! I had been looking forward to this all week after talking to honeymoon at ETs last Saturday, but alas the siren song of the fart sack was too much for me today.

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