Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

45 Minutes of Mary’s Field


20 strong came ready to work at Mary Munford Elementary School this morning.  The temperature was just right, the light from the breaking dawn was just enough and the field had a nice thin layer of dew on it.  Time to work!

Mosey to the center of the field for:

COP (all in cadence)

Don Quixotes x 10

Cotton Pickers x 15

Russian Soldiers x 15

SSH x 20 (Saab did 40)

Merkins x 10

Flutter Kicks x 10


Stay on field but move over near the Tennis Court side for:

Touch a Tree DORA (modified)

Partner up and as a team do: 100 x merkins, 200 x LBC’s, 300 x squats, 400 x SSH’s

Partner not doing exercises runs across field and touches a tree on the Cary Street side of the field and do a Burpee before running back to partner.  Do not touch same tree twice.  Plank up to wait for the six.


Mosey to the end of the field for:

Suicide 11’s

10 trees along Cary Street.  Run to first tree do 1 Hand-Release Merkin then run back to end line and do 10 WW2’s.  Run to second tree and do 2 HRM’s and run back to end line to do 9 WW2’s.  Repeato until all 10 trees are covered.  Al Gore for the six.

Partner up for:

Partner Leg Tosses 2×25 each partner

Stay with partner and start to wheelbarrow the length of the field. When you need to switch do 5 Boo-yah merkins.  We made it a little more than halfway down the field before time is up.

Mosey back to the flag.

COT, Numberama, Namearama, Announcements and YHC took us out.


PuppyPile 2.0 Workout is May 19th at 7:05am at Dogwood Dell after Spit’s beat down.  Hot Potato Q.

Help support Shakedown and his team for St. Baldrick’s cancer fundraiser.  He is 60% toward the goal!!

West End Friday lunch is at Chipotle on Broad between Gaskins and Cox.

Memorial Day Convergence at Tredegar/Belle Isle May 28th.

Shakedown (SOJ) will have the Ghost Flag at WDOG on May 23rd!  Come and get it!

Lab Rat is eating lunch today somewhere at 11:45am.  Join him!

Swirly has a hurt hand from slipping on the rocks on the trails yesterday.  He will be ok though!



YHC has always liked working on the field at Mary Munford.  With is being closed most of the winter, it was time to take advantage of it this morning.  Though it is not as nice of a field as, say, No Toll, it is still open enough to do a lot of running with some exercises mixed in.  Suicide 11’s using the trees is something that I enjoyed during TYA’s Thanksgiving beat down and decided it had been a long enough time to bring it back.  YHC unintentionally “called out” Lab Rat and Shakedown when they seemed to finish it so quickly!  YHC asked them if they went to the last tree when the were standing at the end line.  My apologies, they were finished!  Way to work you two!!  You lapped YHC!  YHC wishes that we could have finished the wheelbarrows but time was up.  The Touch a tree DORA took a lot longer than I thought it would and, yes, YHC for got to do a burpee at one of the trees and Lab Rat made sure YHC did the burpee on the run back.

YHC really enjoyed this morning and the chance to lead you men!  Everyone gave it their all and will reap the benefits of posting.

Enjoy your Thursday!



keep posting!


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  1. Another methodical beatdown by Kubot. Well done! With the benefit of light for most of the morning, it was really great seeing everyone push. Having all of y’all in front of me is a great motivator. Thanks Circle K for helping me start the morning off right, and thanks TYA for helping me bring it home.

  2. Props to Saab, who actually finished with Shakes and I, then went back for the six. I wasn’t budging off that line!

    Great beatdown, I enjoyed mixing the counting up a bit. Imperial walkers are tricky!

    Lunch is at Pop’s on Grace….every Thursday at noon, however it pays to be there early because they only have one register and things can get backed up. 1145 if you want to get your sammich with Swirly.

  3. Great work guys. Good day for some field work. I have to say the field at Timberwolf is quite nice – right up there with NoToll. We take care of our fields over here SOJ.

  4. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Solid Q Kubota !
    Way to work guys ! Hey did I mention I fell on the rocks and cut my hand 🙂
    See y’all in the gloom..

  5. Way to keep em honest, Lab Rat – and Good Q Kubota.
    Nice partnering with swirly and smithfield. Way to push guys, it’s always good to have the extra motivation of trying to keep up with a strong partner!

  6. If one wants to know the number of SSH’s I actually performed PROPERLY, the answer is ZERO.

    I am beginning to question Swirly’s repeated explanation for what happened to his palm. Could thisbe a ruse to distract from what was really just excessive overuse (aka friction)? (I saw his palm…looked mighty familiar.)

    “Colonel Angus…” That was classic Lab Rat.

  7. Loose Goose on

    Great job pushing us right up until the buzzer, Kubota. Solid Q! Good to partner with BT this morning, haven’t gotten to work out with you in awhile and glad to get to do so. Shakedown is a wheelbarrow beast.

  8. Was there a cup nearby? Just write the date and time on it and put it in the fridge.

  9. Big Tennessee on

    Back at ya, Goose! And nice Q, Kubota. Perfect start to a day that really needed to get off on the right foot. And that field seemed really looooong by the end of the 11’s. Offshore, well played.