Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

New Rubber or Old A$$


10 (seemed like 11) veteran F3RVA pax came to tackle the morning the right way at Heartbreak Ridge. SF planted and precisely at 0530 the pax took off for the adventure. Here’s the recap:


Mosey a lap around the parking lot to the front side near the street

Warmup COP
SSH x20 IC
Russian Kickbacks x20 IC
Russian Soldiers x20 IC
DQ x10 IC very slowly, stretch at every motion
(Some other exercise) x12 IC

Mosey to the track for beginning of arms day. Break into two groups; first group head to pullup bars, second group head to jerkin gym
– @ Jerkin gym: 10 Jerkins, then 20 bench dips. Run on the track to the pullup bars
– @ Pullup bars: 10 Pullups, then 20 merkins. Run on the track to the Jerkin gym
– Repeato until each station completed 2x

Mosey to the near side of the school

Triple Check: Wall sits, Plank, Run to other side of parking lot & Back

Mosey to the exit lane from the parking lot

Curb crawls (as prescribed in F3Nation.com Exercises) – Bear crawl to other side, do 1 Derkin. Bear crawl back, do 2 Derkins, etc. all the way up to 13. Audible to Incline Merkins after 6. Modification options: bear crawl –> lunge walk, Incline Merkins –> Merkins on knees.

With arms on fire, mosey to track. Each Pax do 2 laps, and head back to shovel flag

Ring of Fire: all pax plank while one at a time each does 10 Merkins
APD slow x20 IC
Heels to Heaven x20 IC


As always, it was a pleasure to lead this morning. After Gumbo’s leg-smoker day at Dogpile on Sat, YHC’s lower extremities were still sore and groaning for the focus to be on arms today. Even more was planned, but those plans will just inform the next time.

YHC had some trouble counting the PAX, and thought right up until the final COP that we had 11. Probably would have made more sense to split into groups of 4 and 6 for Jerkin/Pullup sequence… expecting maximum mental sharpness is not necessarily a requirement to better yourself with fellow PAX in the gloom, so no apologies offered here.

The first words Offshore said to YHC today were, “I need to sweat today.” Surely intended to be awkward… and it was indeed. Good luck collecting all of your body fluids for the cyborg study or whatever it is, Offshore. Shortly before or after that interaction (again mental sharpness not necessary here), Attila & HoneyDo’s commentary on YHC’s trunk search for gloves that didn’t stink yielded today’s BB title

Good to see the warm weather Pax out today, hope to see everyone back!


5/19 7:00am Puppy Pile (2.0-friendly at Dogpile)

Friday 5/11 – Weekly West End pax lunch at Chipotle on Broad Street BETWEEN GASKINS AND COX ROAD

5/16 – Hump Day Happy Hour at Independence Golf Club. Speed Golf may or may not be on the agenda.


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  1. Loose Goose on

    Good fun, gents. What a great AO — so many options. Only negative is the bus fumes! Q has noted to use the parking lot entry or maybe the lane on the other side of the school next time for Curb Crawls…

  2. Goose you stuck with the 11 count through 3 different pairings and triple checks, only to realize the 10 PAX count in the Numberama. Although you were mentally foggy your Q game was on, nice all around beatdown.

  3. Loose Goose on

    3 pairings/Triple checks? Did I leave something out of the BB? Still foggy…

  4. Just glad to see Goose put an end to the rumor that he can only Q Crocpot beatdowns.