Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Before Noon DeLite


A pax of 1 kicked off the unofficially unofficial summertime classic….the “Before Noon DeLite”!

Route:  Broad to 14th, across Mayo Bridge to the floodwall.  Over to T. Potter, across Pipeline (carefully, water is up!) then back up the hill to the Washington Monument at the Capital.  3.62 miles by the only Garmin present.

NMS:  Shakedown and I have been running this route or something similar for the past few months and we finally pinned down Wednesday as THE day to run it only last week.  Of course, on the inaugural running after inviting others, he was a no-show due to work obligations. The plan is to keep this regular at least thru the summer for those (both?) of us that work but dont live Greater Richmond, and cant make Roller Coaster in the evenings.  Unless we get a swell of pax showing up, we will probably not post bb’s for this one, and keep it off the books.  HOWEVER, do not let that stop you from joining in if you so desire!  There are a few options for those that don’t work at MCV (DOT) proper, including the canoe put in (@1140) or Suntrust (@1146).

Also, this will remain a BRO CODE run, meaning we will keep the pace of the slowest runner.  Right now, that is most definitely Lab Rat.

Apology of the Week goes out to all the ladies out there….sorry for keeping my shirt ON today!  Guaranteed not to happen every week once summer temps kick in!


Lab Rat apologizes…


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  1. I used the tag for Off the Books….I wonder if that’s still active on SOJ…

  2. Nice work. I may try to meet you guys once in a while – maybe connect at the 14th Street bridge

  3. Awesome. Sorry I missed it today. I plan on being there next week.

    If we get some more guys (like Gumbo, Sugar Sock, Etc) we might need a tag…