Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Like a Squirrel In The Road


A Lucky 13 came out for full light late Spring run.  We took the batcave entrance and crossed the bridge to pick up Riverside Dr.  Heading east/downstream, we turned around at the appropriate spots and returned to the SF.

Upchuck took us out.


It was great running with Upchuck on a Tuesday.  Great conversation as always bro.  Upchuck even provided alert as a high speed car came around the corner near the batcave bearing down on TYA and YHC.  Hence the backblast title.


  • Puppy Pile (2.0 friendly workout) – 5/19 at Dogwood Dell
  • HDHH – Next week – Practice some golf and then a beverage.  See Gumbo for details.
  • 5/18 – Wilson’s golf tounament
  • Shakedown’s raising funds for childhood cancer.  Sounds like he is around 60% of his goal if I heard him correctly.  Let’s get him the rest of the way.

Time to Taper,



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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Absolutely Beautiful morning for a run !
    Love that route – been awhile !
    Way to push guys – Shakedown , Gumbo, BT – on my heels all the way – thanks for making me work!
    See y’all in the gloom..

  2. Great route. I’ve been wanting to run this one for a while so glad that was the call today.

    Great company with BT and Shakedown and thanks to Shakedown for helping me push the pace on the return to the flag. We almost reeled Swirly in. He was on a mission from the opening bell.

  3. Big Tennessee on

    Love the route. Gumbo and Shakedown- way to push! Sorry I couldn’t keep up to give chase to ol’ Swirly.

  4. Fun route – thanks LJ

    Always good to run with Gumbo and BT! Thanks fellas.

    My Garmin tells me I had an unintentional PR this morning with my fastest 5k – chasing Swirly I guess.

    Good times

  5. Nice run today, Lockjaw. Appreciate the fellowship. Enjoyed it as always. Thanks for letting me spout Caps hockey. Been a long time since they played meaningful games into mid May.

    Glad we avoided the squirrel squish.

  6. Indeed a beautiful morning and nice route.

    Simple enough for me to follow on my own!